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I Love IIPM - because...
  1. When you really love something you don’t have any reason for it, its called divine love. My life’s most happiest time would be in IIPM I guess.
  2. IIPM Rocks.
  3. Arindam sir and other faculty members.
  4. Along with studies there are co-curricular activities also.
  5. In IIPM the study is so enjoyable and apart from studies we are now getting a lot of experience.
  6. It really Rocks.
  7. I am part of it. It is my priority to give my best effort to publicize my college not only in India but also world wide.
  8. Infact I not only love I also can do any thing for it.
  9. The activities & way of teaching.
  10. Its awesome !
  11. It was my wildest dream to join IIPM, and it has come true. I think IIPM is the most happening & rocking B-School existing.
  12. I am its student
  13. IIPM faculty is creative
  14. It provides us with lot of facilities, all types of activities which help us think beyond the obvious.
  15. Because it teaches what we need practically
  16. I dare to think beyond
  17. IIPM is different. What they teach today, others adopt tomorrow.
  18. In IIPM one comes to learn many things about business and many things about life which are important.
  19. It is the best
  20. IIPM dares to think beyond
  21. Because of the various types of activities
  22. It is the best and I am a part of it.
  23. It gives chance to everyone to participate individually. It helps to enhance group work.
  24. It helps me to develop my overall personality.
  25. I am a student over here. Every one gets an opportunity to perform.
  26. The way it teaches the things and procedures of management.
  27. Here we can dare to think beyond
  28. Its different from the rest. Today we learnt perfection, coordination and management
  29. We really need to dare to think beyond.


I Love IIPM - because...

  1. Of its excellent faculty. They are really friendly and understanding. IIPM has all the good ingredients of a good institution.
  2. Their way of teaching is totally different, as their punch line says "What we teach today others adopt tomorrow".
  3. It's the institute where I will achieve my dreams. And I love the wonderful classes and sessions that take place here.
  4. I am in love with all the faculty members & its campus. It is the best B school.
  5. What they do today, others don’t do because they adopt tomorrow. They have included practical approach which helps in understanding the concept rather than just theory.
  6. Best post graduate college of M.B.A. It is the leading college of "India" or may be of the "world" or may be of the "Universe"
  7. It’s a name in itself, we don’t require any reason to love it but the thing which I found interesting is the individual attention given in nurturing talents.
  8. It teaches me to think beyond in terms of everything and most importantly because our Ex-com classes are the best which is conducted by our very own Rajita Maam.
  9. It gives me the material for my carrier.
  10. It lives up to its name each and every day and also every moment.
  11. It is the best.
  12. The faculty and students keep helping us all the time.
  13. "What they do today others adopt tomorrow" here we are given practical examples of everything and we get everything from our institute that we expected
  14. I love it just like that
  15. Its unique compared to other institutes.
  16. We enjoy Parties, Games and Studies – very good
  17. I love it, I study here and I am proud of being a part of it.
  18. There are thousand reasons to love IIPM so it will take many more pages to write it
  19. It rocks
  20. IIPM is good in both curricular and co-curricular activities
  21. It is the best
  22. It is the only Institution in which all studies & activities take part simultaneously.
  23. I enjoyed a lot and have built a lot of confidence in myself after coming here
  24. It is very practical
  25. Of its innovative ideas and exposures
  26. Its exposure.
  27. Apart from studies, it also stresses on our personality development.
  28. It says "Dare to think beyond".
  29. Lots of fun is here, lots of activities happens here.
  30. It gives us so much opportunity to perform our talent here, full of heart and emotions.
  31. Its full of activities, fun and excitement apart from studies.
  32. It does not just include study of B.B.A. but also helps us in making our business understanding more strong and interesting.
  33. Other than academic session, it has various extra curricular activities.


I Love IIPM - because...

  1. It Rocks.
  2. Fun and studies go together and it makes it more lovable. Hey - IIPM Rocks !!
  3. I am the part of it. & because IIPM rocks.
  5. Its 2 kool
  6. It Rocks !!
  7. IIPM doesn’t only think about studies but thinks about all the things which students need to build their career. IIPM really care about students and its rocks
  8. Lots of reasons the sheet is so small for explanations.
  9. It’s the best place where you can learn everything
  10. It pampers us
  11. Its better than other institutes and is fun loving
  12. Fun way to learn along with the professionalism. It helps to do so many things at one place
  13. I love IIPM because it is helping me by providing a true wisdom to think beyond, also I have great fun over here.
  14. Fun and learning both happen at the same time.
  15. We have placements, studies, lots of fun here, we have Amaze our annual management festival. All the things make IIPM lovely. JAL also. Yo !
  16. I have loved it since my school days and because Arindam sir is my idol.
  17. I’m the student of IIPM
  18. It’s the best college and has got an exceptional faculty.
  19. It is my next home where I get to learn many things. It has respected lovely teachers (just like our parents) to guide us
  20. It doesn’t make students silverfish but makes us confident, daring, knowledgeable, intelligent and that everyone should be
  21. Because no other institute would even think of the things that happen here. Great effort from the IIPM team. IIPM rocks.
  22. Its open mind world there
  23. Its cool. It rocks. Most interactive business school giving out the max fun
  24. Its just a great mix of fun and management
  25. It has such a sweet atmosphere and all people are nice to each other and IIPM rocks
  26. Its faculty
  27. It gives the right exposure to all students
  28. Its not just about bookish knowledge, the institute recognizes the importance of communication, presentation and work culture, which is really great
  29. We study but have lot of fun in between. Teachers are so good and cooperative
  30. It is the best that’s all I can say.
  31. Its just simply the best
  32. Its my college………… where my future will be made……….
  33. Hmmmm... its different, the things are creative and innovative people rule the show.


I Love IIPM - because...

  1. They are giving us such lovely moments that we will not forget for the rest of our life. Really IIPM rocks and the students of IIPM rock too.
  2. I am the student of IIPM and because of education criteria
  3. Because of Rajita Maam
  4. Its endless nature of winning
  5. IIPM is the best. Its my family. IIPM really rocks!
  6. At every point there is excitement
  7. I see myself soaring high and growing
  8. Giving the degree from Geneva
  9. It saves the 2 Years of our life
  10. I am almost the best now after coming to IIPM.
  11. It is the best college in whole wide world. IIPM simply rocks
  12. There are so many good teachers and because of good education
  13. I have a lot of faith in it. My dream college.
  14. There is so much of excitement at every moment whether it be studies or anything else
  15. Of its unique activities and procedures
  16. They are giving education in a very different way
  17. IIPM is rocking and I am learning much more everyday. That’s the most amazing positive point about IIPM
  18. I am a part of it
  19. Here we are. Made cheer leaders with overall development of our personalities. its faculty & its amazing programme
  20. It rocks
  21. It has a good infrastructure, & decent faculty
  22. Its one and only of its kind
  23. It provides its students education with entertainment
  24. Its lots of fun being an IIPM student.
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