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  1. Very true, leaders are not born but made. Rajita Ma’am is good leader and speaker and excellent “GURU”
  2. Inspiring leader, speaker and her way of getting thing done
  3. Very good analyzer
  4. Very understanding teacher. She use to aware about our mistakes. She use to aware about our qualities
  5. Taught really well
  6. Ma’am thanks for changing me. You teach your students in a very different way.
  7. Has the capability to give new personalities.
  8. Rajita ma’am, first appreciate & tell about the areas where we need to improve which is like a motivation for any & he / she tries to perform better.
  9. She makes us understand and help us to learn more.
  10. Excellent and superb faculty.
  11. She deserves what she is.
  12. Excellent teacher, she always direct students in a right direction
  13. Rajita ma’am gives a lot of strength & push us a ot towards success & hard work
  14. Very kind with everyone, gives a lot of confidence while speaking.


  1. She motivates her students to do the good things & to be a good speaker
  2. She cares of each and every student & she is very polite & sweet.
  3. Rajita Ma’am’s classes are the best. Each and every time she corrects you.
  4. Takes good care about each and every student.
  5. Its my pleasure of being student of Rajita Ma’am.
  6. An outstanding teacher, who knows hoe to handle students & their needs.
  7. Rajita ma’am got amazing ways to get results.
  8. Rajita ma’am is the best teacher I have ever seen. Her way to find the positive and negative in every student, I like the most.
  9. Motivating teacher, nice nature.
  10. Is just perfect.
  11. Rajita ma’am is really motivating & she can make any good dumb guy, a good speaker.
  12. Exceptionally good with teaching Ex-Comm and creating environment.
  13. Very good at teaching.
  14. Inspiring
  15. Very encouraging
  16. Very Kind
  17. She knows how to teach students
  18. Very excellent teacher. She knows each and every student very well and help out the problem of weak students.
  19. Very Good and very polite with students.
  20. Hope to have her in our PG session with us.
  21. Motivates students for better performance
  22. Excellent teaching skills, motivating.
  23. Fully professional and exceptional.
  24. Very good ma’am and she understands us a lot.
  25. Nice teacher


  1. Make my personality new and confident.
  2. Always be very helpful with everyone.
  3. She is a very good teacher and helps everyone to come up in study.
  4. Very understanding and the best teacher
  5. Rajita ma’am is a very good teacher and always give you a great feedback
  6. Very good teacher
  7. Awesome
  8. Rajita ma’am – very motivative, promotive, lenient.
  9. Motivates everyone to move ahead
  10. Appreciates students
  11. Outdoor & indoor activities
  12. Very motivating and teaches extremely well


  1. The interest she takes in student’s personally in commendable. She can connect with the class.
  2. Very good teacher.
  3. Kind of feedback and personal attention to every student is exceptionally good.
  4. A very good teacher who boosts in confidence and improves and takes communication to  a peak level
  5. She helps in gaining confidence in her students
  6. Encouraging.
  7. Exceptional teacher and her way of giving attention to each and every student is superb.
  8. Good motivator and an exceptional teacher
  9. Encourages to move your best to exceptional
  10. Very helpful and exceptional teacher
  11. She really motivate student and gives friendly environment.
  12. Rajita ma’am is the best faculty ever met. She should continue in 3rd semester as well.
  13. Rajita ma’am is very straight forward
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