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2008-11 / UGP / FW / 2nd Semester


  1. Very Co-operative
  2. Knowledgeable and experience teacher, helps a lot.
  3. Have deep knowledge abut their subject
  4. Very encouraging and co-operative
  5. Exceptionally good and sweet
  6. To the point and interactive
  7. Improved my communication skill
  8. Good motivator
  9. Very nice and helping
  10. Very understandable
  11. Highly motivating and always inspire us to do something in life


  1. Rajita Ma’am - Very motivating, helping.
  2. Rajita Ma’am - Knowledge, Perception
  3. Rajita Ma’am - Always the best faculty
  4. Rajita Ma’am – Understand the student well.
  5. Rajita Ma’am – Notices the improvement & motivates more.
  6. Rajita Ma’am – a very good teacher
  7. Rajita Ma’am – a good executive communications teacher
  8. Rajita Ma’am –very motivating, extremely helpful
  9. Rajita Ma’am – Outstanding way of teaching.
  10. Rajita Ma’am – is highly knowledgeable.
  11. Rajita Ma’am – helped us to develop our communication skills.
  12. Rajita Ma’am – motivating and enthusiastic


  1. Teach us very good and easy way
  2. Her teaching style is exceptional, she understands the students well
  3. Exceptional towards communication
  4. Way of teaching is really good
  5. A good teacher / mentor
  6. Teach very well, I find their more interesting then other classes.
  7. Motivating all the students
  8. Highly patient and gave superiorly critical analyzes
  9. Excellent teacher with through and updated knowledge of her subject
  10. Very energetic while teaching
  11. Very very nice teacher
  12. Different, teaches well
  13. Awesome, very cool & kind hearted teacher
  14. Installed confidence in me


  1. Teaches really well
  2. A very good professor from whom I’ve improved my speaking skills
  3. Excellent teacher, never discourage anyone
  4. Very co-operative
  5. Very exceptional teacher, helpful
  6. Very creative & fun class
  7. Very good
  8. As usual the best, she is a motivating factor
  9. Brought a change in me
  10. Humble


  1. Teaches really well
  2. Very motivated teacher and always care every students
  3. Very good teacher with very good style
  4. Superb teaching style and great way to motivate
  5. She is exceptional
  6. Her teaching style is exceptionally well
  7. Really very good
  8. Create interest in the student for her studies
  9. She is exceptional, the way she teaches is outstanding
  10. Helps in boosting of confidence
  11. She is a good teacher, while even scoring less marks, she used to boost us to do better next time
  12. Very good communication skills
  13. Excellent


UG – 1 & UG – 2
I Love IIPM Because...

  1. It makes student practical thinking and face the problem and solve as soon as possible and it make us active.
  2. It teaches not only to succeed, but also how to strike a balance between work and pray – Raj Tilak Das
  3. It is full of fun and from that fun we learn all those things which cannot learn from books and so on – Pankaj Johri
  4. IIPM rocks….. there are only certain things in life which you feel you are made for ……. Being an IIPM is top of the list  - Anirudh Jayee
  5. It gives a lot general exposure and very interesting new subjects.
  6. Of the exposure, enthusiastic environment, faculties and initiative that they take, I never seen this in any other college.
  7. Between of our regular classes we have some interesting activities to enjoy and to do.
  8. Well till now I haven’t come to that stage so that I can answer this question.
  9. It’s full of outdoor extra curricular activities.
  10. It helped me in building my confidence level which can help me to be successful in life.
  11. It gives us exposure in every aspect, apart from studies for example music, sport and so on.
  12. There are lot of activities, building confidence and grooming personality.
  13. Good staff, education, faculty outdoor activities.
  14. Good faculties and happening girls.
  15. Along with studies they also provide us with extra curricular activities.
  16. Include everything…..one can think of to come out from the box.
  17. It is the B-school and I love it.
  18. It is different from others.
  19. IIPM always organise this type of activities.
  20. Except from few things IIPM is good.
  21. Crowd and faculty are good and cooperative.
  22. Crowd is good.
  23. I feel it as a part of my family- Jasmeet Singh
  24. Education and great activities.
  25. To make us learn executive leadership – Vidit Jandu
  26. Good exposure, education and anshika singh
  27. It concentrates on other activities also with studies - Vikas
  28. Exposure
  29. Exposure, environment and faculties.
  30. Its fun to be here.
  31. I found people sharing similar interest – Charanpreet Anand
  32. It’s nice.
  33. Good education and exposure.
  34. It’s full of enjoyment.
  35. It’s simply rocks.
  36. Study and fun combination.
  37. Good college.
  38. Lots of fun and managing skills- Harish
  39. Its fun along with study.
  40. It’s my college which decides my future that tomorrow what I am.
  41. It involves fun and logic – Rahul Banerjee
  42. Exposure and experiences.
  43. Course content – Rajat Jain
  44. Jack of all trade, master of all

UG – 3 & UG – 4

  1. Of amazing faculty, outdoor activities etc. – Simren Kaur Sapra (UG–3)
  2. Of the best faculty members & choudharies name attached with it & lost but not the least "GOTA trip" –Anish Dua (UG–4)
  3. It rocks always.
  4. Of its management.
  5. It lets me think beyond, beyond any dream.
  6. It rocks – Damodar (UG–5)
  7. There is everything attached with study, I enjoy the practical things in IIPM. – Rohit Ray.
  8. Many uncountable reasons and things you love you don’t need a reason.
  9. IIPM is making us experience and helping us in the various forms to run any business. - Siddhart Rupani (UG–4)
  10. I LOVE IIPM so much and honestly speaking that I can’t explain my love in words. It’s like everything for me. – Vikas Sharma (UG–4)
  11. Its exposure, infrastructure, faculty and now its students.
  12. Usually people try to reach the limits set by others but at IIPM you learn that you can even set limits. – Md. Sirajuddin (UG-4)
  13. Of the exposure &outdoor activities done here-Bandeb Sala(UG-4)
  14. IT gives chance t show my creativity-Heena Punj (UG-3)
  15. IT rocks-Vivek kushway
  16. It provide great exposure-Aditya Billa (UG-3)
  17. It provide us huge platform & high exposure to make us that much capable – Nikil sehgal (UG-3)
  18. It provide us huge platform to introduce ourselves & make it that much capable-Rahul Shokeen (UG-3)
  19. I love IIPM-Vikas Yadav(UG-4), Vipul (UG-3), Aniket bhargava (UG-4)
  20. Because of global opportunities it provides-Kshitij Babbar(UG-4), S.Neha(UG-3)
  21. Because I love IIPM –Neha (UG-4)
  22. It guarantee us bright future by the placement provide along with good atmosphere, faculties infrastructure-Rajat Sharma(UG-4)
  23. It guarantee us bright future-Himanshu Arora (UG-4), Saijan Kapoor(UG-4), Ashish Khanna(UG-4), Ankur Khanna(UG-4), Nitish Roy(UG-4), Mehor Dhir(UG-4), Sudeep Gupta(UG-3), Saurav Das Gupta(UG-4)
  24. Of faculty & high quality stuff-Rishab(UG-4)
  25. It has taught me many things
  26. Of its variety in many things-Rajat Sisodia(UG-3)
  27. It is the most coolest & most discipline college-Prabal Jain(UG-3)
  28. It is entertaining as well as good to study-Akem Sethi(UG-3)
  29. It is the best & very interesting –Rihab Khanna(UG-3)
  30. The best place for fun, studying, exploration etc- Divya(UG-4), Garishma Bhatia(UG-4)
  31. Of great enthusiasm & different outdoor works-Pradeep(UG-4)
  32. It gives the superior course content, how to work-Mohd.Shanzab Kazmi(UG-3)
  33. It is IIPM
  34. Of the nice & helpful faculty-Gaurav Yadav(UG-4)
  35. Managing strategies are taught here in practical-C.T.Sheelan(UG-3)
  36. Its fun with education
  37. All that I peruse is valuable for me
  38. Of the exposure & activities done here-Jasmine Kharal(UG-3)
  39. All sound development-Mayank(UG-4)
  40. Its different-Riaz Rigvi
  41. Its ultimate
  42. IIPM is incredible
  43. Of great way of teaching-Anant Sethi(UG-3)
  44. Of teaching only
  45. Of its staff & management
  46. Technique & method of teachings
  47. Knowledge-Nishant Choudhary(UG-4)
  48. Of the brand name & course content
  49. Of good teaching staff, nice environment-Shailander Shukla(UG-4)
  50. Of good teaching staff-Jatin Jain(UG-4)
  51. There is more practical work then other colleges-Gaurav Aneja(UG-3)
  52. It seems to me as my coming bright future-Abhinav Sadhna(UG-4)
  53. I like the crowd and way of getting lessons-Tansif Ansari (UG-4)
  54. Of its exposure, infrastructure, faculty & now its students.
  55. Of outdoor activities-Maninder pal singh (UG-3)
  56. It is teaching us different things by different methods etc games
  57. The best place for fun &studies-Abhimanyu(UG-4)
  58. It provides me stability level, an intellectual point of view a foundation, placements, good faculty & infrastructure and most importantly recognition that I belong to a honourable and recognised institute-Harcit Nanla.
  59. In this institute there is a not only hard studies but also many activities like today and parties every monthly which a very enjoyable – Saurav Gupta (UG-4)
  60. According to me the only institution that help building an all-rounder
  61. It strengthen your future foundation and gives you a very unique recognition among others-Jasvir Singh (UG-4)
  62. It has every thing which is not owned by the others institution, I read in this institution too
  63. To make us learn different management strategies, the institute arranges different ways
  64. With the studies they also teach some thing more which is also important & equal to study-Siddarth Panwar (UG-4)
  65. It gives me motivation to learn several innovative tasks-Kirti Anand Arya (UG-3)
  66. It makes us to lots type of activites,like today I enjoys it a lot - Ajit Sharma (UG-3)
  67. It has many different subjects and have many activities. - Anishwar Singh (UG-4)
  68. IIPM is one which truly want us to bring new ideas into students and let your action throughout thinking
  69. It provides exposure to the student and it is very important in someone’s life and I join IIPM for exposure and confidence - Mohit Mittal (UG-4)
  70. I don’t have words the only thing is that I love it and I will be loving it
  71. It is a complete package with everything included to make a complete entrepreneur
  72. Its just too good, study wise as well as other activities wise-Prashant Singh(UG-4)
  73. It teaches us to become successful entrepreneur in life, to get a formal attitude towards your business and life and its fun to be in IIPM - Hittesh Rajani(UG-4)
  74. It provides us great placements infrastructure and faculty - Arivind Katyal(UG-4)
  75. It gives lot of exposure, creativity activities all taught – Ankit Agarwal(UG-3)
  76. Of the enthusiasm  outdoor activities which we enjoy a lot - Kushagarh Mittal(UG-3)
  77. Of great enthusiasm &ideas we get for aim in our life - Harjeet(UG-3)
  78. Of the great outdoor activities which we enjoy a lot - Paulami Das(UG-3)
  79. They make all the students to participate in all activities
  80. It rocks …..I have found good friends here and the faculty is awesome - Phalguni Jain(UG-3)
  81. We enjoy usher most besides our studies by doing external activities - Himanshu Bhatia(UG-3)
  82. Of its enthusiasm they provide & we get from team work - Reema Rathi(UG-3).

 UG – 5 & U – 1(Gurgaon)

  1. I am the student of this institute – Yogesh (gurgaon)
  2. They make us to do such wonderful activities – Parth Narang
  3. It’s a globalize college and they teach us how to be united and love each other – Faith
  4. IIPM rockz…..and it is the best – Pulkit Sindhu (UG – 5)
  5. Sometimes or the other they make us do something interesting – Ridhima Kataria
  6. It rocks – Vikram
  7. It is the best institute as I study here – Tasmeen Kaur(gurgaon)
  8. Its extra curricular activities – Precious
  9. It offers the students best education and best facility.
  10. IIPM rocks.
  11. IIPM organise so many events and its awesome – Priyamvada (UG – 5)
  12. It is really cool institute, specially faculty like Rajita mam – Sarthak Kakar
  13. It is the best college in this planet – Anurag Gupta
  14. It has really carved me. All my fear of public speaking has been subdued – Astha
  15. It has executive communication as a subject and I love Rajita mam.
  16. For a very nice campus and faculty - Shravil
  17. Simply – Harsh
  18. It comes up with something different – Vineet Rathi (gurgaon)
  19. Global exposure 100% and placement guarantee – Alekhya
  20. Dedication and commitment towards students in all activities including studies or sports activities – Vishal (gurgaon)
  21. Of its culture, environment, faculties and obviously for the scopes and placements – Devrath singh raghav (gurgaon)
  22. Its different – Darshan (gurgaon)
  23. Of the faculty and friendly atmosphere.
  24. Motivational power, friendly atmosphere and educational environment.
  25. It helps to develop the personality.
  26. It differs from the rest – Jenson Francis
  27. Teach us how to work in units, patience and learning power.
  28. It is only the place where we can be groomed in best way – Ajit Tyagi
  29. Crowd, gota and teachers – Gopal Agarwal
  30. Of co–curriculum activities – Neeshetank
  31. Gota, studies and student attitude – Nitish Gupta
  32. Executive Communication
  33. It is the best
  34. It allows me to think beyond
  35. It give exposure
  36. It refines the all – over personality of the person and the faculty is also very good – Rishab
  37. Friends and the exposure it provides are excellent.
  38. It gives a global exposure which is very necessary in daily life.
  39. Good exposure to real insight of a corporate world through a blend of extra – curricular activities and education.
  40. I enjoy a lot – Vaibhav Batra
  41. Lots of different things as compare to others – Shruti
  42. Global exposure and change to outshine.
  43. It enhances personality talent
  44. No. 1 global exposure – Varun Jhamb
  45. GOTA – Prateek Gupta
  46. Its simply the best – Harmeet singh
  47. Gota , teachers and outdoor activity
  48. IIPM is the best  - Shazib Khan
  49. It enhance our skills and personality – Phalguni(gurgaon)
  50. Global exposure – Khushboo
  51. I am part of the IIPM – Pooja Thakran
  52. Dare to think beyond
  53. Gota and faculty members are amazing – Anubhav Jain
  54. Unity, extra curricular activities and of course gota.
  55. It is my institute and I love it.
  56. Along with studies there is enjoyment and you learn in the fun.
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