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2010-13 / UGP / FW

I Love IIPM Because...

  1. Of the practicality of its studies and teaching. Also, I love IIPM because of the pain some of the teachers take to make us learn something new every single day, no matter how minute.
  2. I love to spend time here with my friends
  3. Get to learn new things everyday
  4. Fun, study
  5. It gives the experience of global exposure with lots of game, education and creativity
  6. It’s fun
  7. Of everything, their is no specific word and everything is the best
  8. It build the confidence which plays important role in human life
  9. It shows the new world's with its activities that teaches us everyday
  10. Of its good education, good out-door activities, and the most important is our excom professor Mrs. Rajita Chaudhuri whom i like very much.
  11. Fun, nice crowd
  12. Good outdoor activities and it is up to date
  13. Whatever I learn here is just awesome in every field it makes me perfect.
  14. It takes out the best persons
  15. It not only gives us best education and faculties but also helps to be a good human being
  16. I've spent 14.5 lakhs at IIPM.
  17. I study in it.
  18. Our teachers are gorgeous
  19. Of the extra-curricular activities.
  20. Of its academics
  21. It organizes so many activities which are so much fun in doing
  22. With academics there are many other activities
  23. Standard of education given here is unique in the world
  24. They teach us what in real life would help us.
  25. IIPM leads as to make out a star in you It's just fun to be an IIPM student.
  26. It not only give me book knowledge but it also gives a lot of outdoor experience. It is truly no.1 in global exposure.
  27. There is lot of activities been done by students from which we get extra knowledge.
  28. No reason of loving IIPM, I just love it.
  29. It's the best...IIPM ROCKS!!
  30. It's fantastic !!! All these activities, the fun, “EX-COM” etc get's you the life you thought you missed after our 12th results.
  31. It has the best quality education and also all the outdoor activities.
  32. It great !! Awesome environment, excellent support and guidance from the faculty !! Fantastic campus and so loving the Ex-com faculty.
  33. I love IIPM because it is my interest college to learn anything
  34. IIPM is absolutely the kind of college which I always wanted to be a part of.


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