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I Love IIPM Because...

  1. it is awesome
  2. It's the key to my success. IIPM will take me a long way in life.
  3. Studies, entertainment etc
  4. We have everything studies, entertainment etc.
  5. It concentrate both in academics and other co-curricular activities equally.
  6. It was kept a perfect balance between academics and the co-curricular activities.
  7. It's too cool, we get an opportunity to show our talent.
  8. The teaching in IIPM is more practical and more related to the real corporate world. The IIPM also organizes cultural activities.
  9. They teach best communication skills and management games which are very important in our daily life and will get knowledge too.
  10. Staff is excellent and their way of teaching is awesome and our dean of academics will help for each and everything
  11. It has world class education, world class professor, world class dean :)
  12. Lot of fun with education
  13. It teaches best communication skills. It is awesome in both academics and other activities.
  14. My college which is the best place.
  15. It’s a place where we can learn with activities.
  16. It had helped me a lot and changed me a lot. I have learned how to communicate with all of people and interacting with them.
  17. It is a place where I can communicate
  18. The only place to express yourself, tell people what were and best learning atmosphere we can get.
  19. It provides all activities. It provides all resources to be successful
  20. They love all the students of IIPM and not only I, we all love them because if u know how to love; you should know how to share it.
  21. IIPM teaches students in fun-filled manner
  22. The activities which go on to improve the skills in us.
  23. It rockzzz in all ways. I love joining it. :)
  24. It's my home away from home
  25. It provides full freedom
  26. There are many activities organized by the college which tells the importance of effective communication and planning which is essential for corporate world.
  27. Every resource is available here if we use it we can achieve...
  28. We get to do & learn new activities everyday and learn something new everyday
  29. It gives me lots of skills and ability to handle the situation at emergency times,specially communication skills.
  30. Of motivation, good faculty and Ex-com.
  31. IIPM gives me the belt communication skills to stand out and get the best in corporate world
  32. No other colleges have so many events for the students be it indoor or outdoor
  33. We can learn the best communication skills here.
  34. They teach best communication skills and management games which are very important in our daily life and will get knowledge too.
  35. The teachers rock and the teaching rocks of the most. We learn a lot of new things there.
  36. It is the place where I can learn how to think innovatively and it teaches all pf the business strategies and business plays which also give us enjoyment.
  37. We get opportunity to know about the management and gain knowledge and it is very useful in our future.
  38. Everything about it is good
  39. It produces talented people. It's a factory of building business people who are going to take up the seats in top positions in top companies.
  40. Every single thing about IIPM is special, crazy.
  41. It teaches executive communication.
  42. Friendliness of the staff
  43. It's crazy.
  44. The focus it gives on communication skills and development
  45. The focus it gives on personal development and communication skills
  46. It focuses on overall development
  47. Difficult to point out.
  48. It gives focus on all-round development.
  49. The faculty is the best..!!
  50. It is actually and honestly the best B- school in the world.
  51. Every resource is available for self development. Also, lots of activities are there in IIPM.
  52. It's my other home.
  53. I – Innovative; I – Ideas; P – put by the; M – management. It's nice to be at IIPM “I'm lovin it”....:)
  54. It is not like most colleges that stop us from having total freedom.
  55. It is fun with studies. All the faculties are amazing and are very helpful
  56. Innovative teaching style
  57. Gives the freedom when I want


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