Count your chickens before they hatch

If you think you can, you are right:
Just be passionate about what you think - is how the mgmt. guru Arindam Chaudhuri urges us to delve deeper and make headway into what the title of the book has in store for us.
They say “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. They are correct. Every time you are about to sign a big contract in life, expect to meet with a fatal accident while getting out of the car on your way to signing the contract. In fact, every time you are about to start the greatest speech or concert of your life, expect to fall flat on the stage and break your nose. Or rather when your aircraft has landed safely don’t start thanking God, but expect to die due to a fall from the stairs while climbing down the aircraft. So what if you have written your exams to your utter satisfaction; don’t rejoice, but anticipate that your paper will get exchanged with that of the worst student of your class. Have you worked very hard on the most important project of your life? Stay put. On the day of submission, your computer will be attacked by the latest virus which will eat up your whole project without a burp.
Believe me this is how every Tom, Dick and our very own Hari think. That is why they are called Tom, Dick and Hari and not Gandhi, Lincoln and Gates.

Life has its extremes and there are so many things which are beyond our control. Life itself, accidents, government policies… and taxes of course. But do we live expecting extremes to take control of our life? And then, expect success to be with us too?
I don’t.
Most successful men and women don’t.

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