“Hr Is The Kind Of Profession That Suits My Dna”

Anadi Sinha has a diverse and rich work experience of more than 30 years. To all the young HR professionals out there, he says “identify your aptitude and understand how you can be an asset…”

Since childhood, I have been highly people-oriented, and have been very good at dealing with people at every stage of life. My peers in school, university and hostel always valued my suggestions and opinions. It was during my early days in college that I realised that HR was in my very DNA, and working with people was the most logical option for me. I wanted to work as a fun loving peoples’ advocate, and to create and inculcate positivity.

zxcI got my first assignment in 1985 with Kelvinator, through campus placement, and was placed at Ballabgarh, Faridabad. From the beginning, I was open minded, and keen to learn about each and every aspect of my functional area and business processes, including technology. My goal was to gain the knowledge and expertise that would help me to serve people across the organization, and I learned a lot from all my colleagues.

The journey was not easy. I was the only person in my family to join the private sector, and was not familiar with the corporate world, its expectations and practises. I had been used to kind and straightforward people and the corporate world had a completely different scenario. At this stage, it was the values inculcated by my parents, like the importance of hard work, social service and a positive outlook, that took me through. My parents’ teachings, especially my mother’s, have always given me strength and courage to cope with all the odds. I enjoy each and every moment of my life, whether personal or professional, and my endeavour is to make a difference by going the extra mile. And I have to say I have been lucky.

Over the years, there have been many moments that I take pride in. In fact, I have been really blessed in that aspect. From creating a new organization from scratch and then transforming it to a successful name to reckon with, to hiring my own boss; from training to learnings from my own experiences to training without training aids; it has been a fantastic journey. Creating proactive HR initiatives towards 100 percent employee involvement, pioneering gain sharing and team rewards, managing expats from diverse cultures, cross-border M&A and industry school partnerships – all of them have been high points.

One moment that particularly shines came in the third year of my professional life. I was assigned to set up a green field project, and my reporting boss told me not to go to or connect to any of the existing locations. I was asked to create from scratch the complete HR processes, policies, DoA, employee benefits, welfare and salary proposals, and also to propose the organizational design for the new location. My proposals were accepted by the organization without change. I later learnt that they were replicated in other locations that were facing issues.

I also feel a great sense of achievement from guiding the HR fraternity and my colleagues, and helping them, not only with professional problems, but also personal issues, like counselling them about their family and kids.

To all the young HR professionals out there, I want to say this: identify your aptitude and understand how you can be an asset to an organization. HR is involved in every aspect of an organisation’s development. If you want to be the soul of an organization and not just a part of it, you should go for HR. Build a talent pool with the right mix of commitment and competence, and nurture the leaders and workplace culture. In a nutshell: help in building teams in an organization, help in building the organizational culture and help in people engagement and development.

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