You Don’t Need Superpowers To Be A Hero

The old order changeth giving place to new ! As the new year begins we start with new resolutions, new promises and new goals. We will achieve some and not achieve many but the true winner in the long run will be the man who never gives up. Persistence is one of the most important qualities and the definitive deciding factor that separates winners from losers. It’s not talent ,it’s not luck, it’s not funding , it’s definitely not degrees and qualifications but it’s self belief and the will to carry on and not quit which makes one a hero.

 This issue of Cult is very special. We are showcasing two types of heroes. One who belong to the real world and the second are heroes from the fictional world of comics and movies. Be it ‘real’ or ‘ reel’ if you look closely you will find that they are not too different from each other. The leaders of the corporate world are ordinary people with extra ordinary achievements. They discovered the superhero qualities within themselves and used them to rule the world. The superheroes too look like ordinary people but they have discovered their extra ordinary powers and use them to save the world.

A title or a designation doesn’t make a leader just as a cape and tights don’t always make a superhero. However when you wear your cape you transform and have the ability to transform things and people because that cape ,that designation gives you power and as they say in the comics “with great power comes great responsibility”

 Leadership is not about powers or superpowers it’s about commitment, dedication, passion, and perseverance. It’s about not just believing in yourself but in believing in your team and inspiring them to do better than their best. It’s not just about knowing your strengths but also your weaknesses and acknowledging them. It’s about having a vision a dream and not stopping till that dream is realized.

All these heroes and superheroes are first and foremost great leaders who motivate us and inspire us and make us believe that we too can be heroes. This new year we urge you to go back to your comics and find that superhero you admired as a child .May you discover your unique super power and become the hero you always dreamed of becoming.

Wishing you a super new year!

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