“Success is a catalyst for failure” says Greg McKeown the author of the book ‘Essentialism’

Success is not a good teacher .
Success too early in life is actually not good. When you get success too soon it spoils you.
As coach Bill Walsh once remarked “Winning the first Super Bowl is enormously easier than winning a second or third”. He says most people after winning get bitten by the ‘success disease’ It becomes difficult to teach them new things.

For most success also actually becomes hard to deal with, because it puts too much pressure on them to keep succeeding. Then the focus shifts from chasing your passion to chasing success and that is a losing game always.

Pressure to succeed because you want others to praise or because others expect you to win – will eventually break you. This external pressure is impossible to handle and very often you lose track of why you actually became successful!

Pressure to excel because you love what you are doing and want to get better and better in that is the ‘internal pressure’ you put on yourself . This is where real motivation comes from and gives one the resilience to face any failures with courage.

When Walt Disney wanted to make a full length feature film with cartoons- he was told he would fail and should not go ahead! What if he had listened to and got influenced by ‘external pressures’ ?
The need to chase his passion was way higher than his need to chase success.
He became bankrupt many times but that did not stop him from working continuously and improving his craft!!
He went on to build an empire – and come to think of it -it all started with a mouse ??!!!!!

So if you have failed numerous times worry not. If you have been the lucky few to receive success quickly let it not be the only reason to work. Be it singing , painting or doing business – do it for the love of the craft and because doing it gives you the maximum happiness . Don’t do it because it gives you ( or you think in the future it will give you) maximum money or success.

As they say – ‘Pressure can burst a pipe or create a diamond’
Which pressure are you under ?

Steve Jobs once said “Let not the noise of others opinions drown your own inner voice “, I conclude let not the external pressure of succeeding , of winning make you lose focus.

Let there be a ‘self-imposed standard of excellence and discipline’ that guides you . Let this internal pressure to get better and better at doing what you love motivate you . You will find the resilience to face failures with dignity and you will learn to accept victory with humility ??

Search for excellence , focus on becoming the best – not on winning at any cost.
Do what you believe in.
Win on your own terms!!

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