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Shivaji Dhang : and at the heart of everything the ‘P’assion to implement the old n the new P’s of Marketing!


Johny Aminur : Absolutely.. Dr. Rajita ma’m craziness is the first requirement for real success!

Dear Ma’am,

Myself a student of class 12, in the midst of the board exam actually. Thought of taking a break from studies and logged onto Facebook.. Its only when i saw Arindam Sir’s post that i realised that i haven’t liked you page on Facebook ( I have read Thorns to competition my uncle introduced me to it ).
I started reading your articles .. Ma’am i must say you are an awesome writer, you are truly gifted and blessed. I respect and I am a big fan of yours!
P.s i know that you get a lot of appreciation for your writings , and that you are a very busy person .. But Ma’am i couldn’t help but write to you.. You have inspired me a great deal.

Yours faithfully,
Sheryl S Thomas


Anup Guchhait : Nice article for everyone….really enjoyed reading it.
Rajesh Sharma : Interesting article by you once again ma’am.
Udhir Kumar : Keep writing such interesting blogs ma’am. I really enjoy reading them a lot.
Mohit Jain : Full of motivation this article fills a new zeal to the readers..
Kumar Harvinder : Totally in agreement with you,once we commit to a cause,it gives a lot of freedom.
Anup Guchhait : One of the best articles by you ma’am. Thanx for sharing it with us.
Diptimayee Nayak : Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.


Anil Kumar : very true!! “Branding is about creating customer satisfaction, but surprisingly, many companies lose this focus and finally lose out in the race….”
Anup Guchhait : Very interesting article ma’am…..find your articles really interesting!
Subhash Kumar : Very truly said ma’am.
Pratik Kumar : Thanks for the articles ma’am…..really like your thoughts on marketing….I have personally learnt a lot through your articles.
Diptimayee Nayak : I’m sure all those people who are new in marketing must be benefiting a lot from your articles.
Sudhir Kumar : Nice blog ma’am…..I also like your book Thorns to competition on marketing a lot!
Kumar Talukdar : Though I am not in any business, doing job in a Central Govt Dept, I read your book Thorns to Competition on marketing is incredible and also read your blogs and articles.


Sudhir Kumar : Agree with you Dr. Rajita Chaudhuri….even the great Steve Jobs believed in simplicity as he said; “say no” more often than yes and get rid of the crappy stuff.”
Pratik Kumar : Well said that a person who can control his thoughts, a person who has a strong mind is the one who achieves the most.
Anup Guchhait : Simplicity is the best weapon…..To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple. This is the selling mantra that I truly believe in.
Chandan Kumar : Simplicity is a key for marketing success……this is one marketing strategy that is really essential.
Kumar Harvinder : Keep It Simple Stupid, is the old cliche we all love to hate. This concept applies to nearly all aspects of business and life.
Antima Sharma : You have rightly mentioned in your article that our thoughts and actions finally decide our future.


Thanks for your column titled “Never Never Never Give Up” published in the September 2012 issue of Bangladesh Brand Forum magazine. Its was very inspiring and was nice to read the article.

Best regards,
Rouf Chowdhury, Bangladesh.
Abhijeet Bharti : Well Said..
Shivansh Mishra : a much needed topic nowdays
Nihit Krishna Singh : well said mam.
Archit Dixit : but sorry word is not for LEADERS………. because their each step is for their people…either it is wrong or right……. mam…!!!
It’s my opinion…because ‘FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD…!’
Mayur Jain : awesome….
Pankaj Gupta : very nice sentence and very true…
Priobrata Dutta : I like your great sentence ,because I got inspiration from this type of sentence .


Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose : very good article once again.Lot of info about top companies.Trends in advertising.Social networking is the next big thing.One can ignore it at his peril.
Abbas Saria : Cheers Mam:)Inspiring..
Kumar Harvinder : Think you are absolutely right…..for a product to succeed, it is very important to know what exactly the consumers think of the products.
Anup Guchhait : Very nice article ma’am…really brings out the real need in the world of advertisement.
Pramod Pkandasi : I believe that today advertisements are not the only way for a product to succeed…consumers views are very essential today!
Harish Sharma : Certainly chances of product gaining market share increases when people talk about it.
Diptimayee Nayak : Truly future belong to those products that are able to make consumers talk about the products!!!!
Pratik Kumar : “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.”
Zubair Merchant : Advertising not just only increased your sales it also create a healthy relation with our customers for example – Thanda matlab ……yeh you are right.
Mohan Rose Ali : Marketing is needed even for an individual to portray his or her inner beauties while the outer beauties are visible crystal clear.
Diljeetanand Anand : Advertising plays an essential part in all market economies. It stimulates growth and innovation, encourages competition and increases consumer choice.


Ashok J Sparrow Great.. it sounds very true..people are influenced by all these stuffs you suggest
Anish Girdhar : Agreed! All commercial design of a brand, be it offline or online, has got to be effective. Most amateurs mistake the word “effective” to mean “fancy”, in this context. Apple’s logo is a perfect example. Their site design, advertisements, and most importantly, logo – all of it is CONSISTENT, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. Nothing fancy. Bitten apple on a white background, and yet people drool over when they see a product with that logo. Why? All because of their brand reputation, sincerity and genuineness. Their products are well “aligned” (for lack of better word) with their design, also – their products are best known for classy feels, neatness and so on, and that’s precisely what Apple’s logo shows us.


Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Once again a brilliant piece of info from you. Had you been an engineer you might have ended up in Silicon valley with billions of dollars.
Ankit Gupta Very true ma’m .. a good idea even a small one can add up to make a big difference!
Sanchana Srivastava Great words! One should have mind filled with ambitious ideas and be confident about them too.


Amitabho Sengupta: The most wanted words that are ripe fittingly for the uplift of today’s woman fraternity from every corner of the Globe!!!
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Had you been with Mayawati,the political story of UP might have been different altogether.Dr. Rajita chauduri is surreal and daring too.
Linda Grandin: Thank you Dr. Rajita for inspiring me and giving courage to me to be brave – cause i am just a little girl trying to live my dream…


Gaurav Bhatnagar: i found this one very informative. solid blog!!!!!
Siraj Cool: excellent idea !
Om Sharma: I agree with this statement, but pandava got success because of lord Krishna, lord Krishana was the core competencies of Pandavas, that’s why they won the war against Kauravas. So how can we say that underdogs story, is the best marketing strategy?
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: May be because of your tight schedules we are not able get as many blog posts as we expect from you.Your blog always gives a kick to the reader and recharges him for long or till the next post of yours.Thanks.
Pratik Kumar: nice article….thanks for sharing it with us.
Gaurav Bhatnagar: I thank you for your great contribution making people more aware of possible things….great stuff as usual.
Mohit Sachdev: i find your article very interesting!!!!
Chandan Kumar: I love it. Inventing an animated character is nothing new and i just love the concept…
Gaurav Bhatnagar: The whole concept of the latest marketing ambassador mel is indeed very cute….


Ankit Mutreja: Very true Mam.. even v can take a look on cartoon show’s like jasmine and alladin or cinderella they make small children imagine life seeing jas girls admire alladin and imagine that one day their prince will come to hold their hand. or even shaka laka boom boom in wich sanju draw’s a sketch and whatever he sketch it come’s alive in front of him.
Shivansh Mishra: again a masterpiece
Sarthak Srivastava: Grt thought Ma’am…this piece of advice will surely help me in my near future…
Zuber Khan: unique tip….
Andrew Gonsalves: No doubt, you are the marketing guru !
Pradeep Dasila: absolutly inspiring………!
Amit Kulkarni: always “Creativity Wins”
Sujay Sujji Langade: Mam ur idea is awesome.But i wanna ask u 1 question i.e.,does all TV shows are inspiring….can all of d customers can understand the TV shows……… 🙂


Isha Miglani: Really so tru!!!! 🙂
Shivansh Mishra: mam loved it
Vrinda Aggarwal: Another superb blog…
Dushyant Mehta: Good one.
Mohammad Mohisin: its true
Rishi Singh: nice one mam……….
Mahesh Sawant: very nice……
Sahil Sharma: In the eradication of religion and elimination of income and gender inequality, lie the secrets to global humanism.
Monika Kuloo: very true mam


Ravi Shekhar Choubey: Great …thank you so much mam
Jasveer Singh: Realy great ma’am…
Amit Kumar: Yup M’am…You are right…I think its not just taking initiative and creating a new brand but it is more like a strategic tool that will only make sense if it makes a brand standing for longer….
H.s. Gill: New year and new era of marketing—-thanks Dr. Rajita for presenting Thorns of marketing……..
Saini: nice message
Vqms SixSigma: true… but its not this year specifically,… rather every new coming year…. to be filled with new challenges


Amulya Krushna Nayak: Absolutely correct…..
Krishna Kumar: Simplicity is the best way to attract.. i often sing so many songs while work and my boos never interrupted “Kolaveri too Sir”… 🙂
Ravi Kant Prasad: Its so simple and no compexity attached to it still…………..It’s rocking!!!
Pranjal Sharma: Nice one kolaveri D
Pawan Sundriyal: D fact is the passion and fashion both starts with facebook, like Anna Hazare – youth became so passionate about him and soon it became a fashion to support Anna Hazare… Same with kolvari di, i’m not saying it’s not a good song, it is a good song but there are thousands of other good songs also, the promotion of this song is done so well, that youth became passionate about it, and soon it became a fashion that u should have kolavari song.. This is viral marketing according to me..


Gaurav Kaushik: Business is all about Sustainable Passion inside 2 ripple out better products, services, brands & better You to your customers each time…again N again!!!
Manish Singh: there must have to work with smart and hard way. And must have interest and dedication of work.If you are not interested in your work than you can not success in your field.Am i right ma’am?
Aman Arora: Business is not meant for everybody … job is something which gives you the starting of being practical in life ………
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Yeah!the ultimate winner is the one who sticks to our traditional value system with contemporary intelligence and knowledge.Thank u.
Rashmi Priya: Yes it is true there is no shortcut to success. We have to work hard with sincerity.
Raman Ahluwalia: Well said…agreed…!
Anil Rao: In short “Only short cut to success is H-A-R-D W-O-R-K”
Avinash Kumar: GREAT THOUGHT
Guruprasad Patwardhan: Good Thought,madam please writ this type of thought again & again
Abhishek Roy: super like mam
Alok Kumar Singh: excellent
Saikat Rahaman: Too good.
Ram Niwas: Its true. . .


Navita Chaudhuri: Right Dr. Rajita Ji today’s India’s economy very poor due to Govt. bad policies.
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Always innovative in nature your articles and loaded with huge data.It is 100%true that marketing would be a great success if they follow the traditions of 4 regions.Thank u professor.
Krishna Kumar: we need to concentrate upon Indian market.. opportunities due to huge population and consumers…
Aditya Sharma: yes indeed,but ppl in all 4 nations are same, having similar needs but acquiring them in different ways. Incredible India !
Mohit Sachdev: I like this. It is about Indian Business Culture. India is biggest hub of business.


Harsh Singh: The only issue with Formula 1 is, while children can buy a bat and ball and play it, they are not going to buy fast cars. #Formula1fan
Renu Yadav: With motorsport becoming a popular sport globally, and after the success of Formula 1 race in India, the i1 Super Series looked promising.
Amardeepkaur Anand: Today, advertisers are looking for big sports properties other than cricket. Agreed, cricket was and will remain a religion in India, but the youth wants something more, and i1 is the sport that’s fashionable to follow and appeals to the young and restless
Mohit Sachdev: India is emerging as a mark in the world. Foreign companies to have a significance to India. it is new era start in our country. Sports are popular in india.
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: I think u r the early bird to visualize the coming wave and catching it too.I wonder about your gift of natural writing abilities and deep knowledge of the subject u take up.I find this ease only in Thomas L Friedman.


Vivek Singh: Excellent……. I ll follow Your Guidelines for My Brand Soon…………
Dwimalu Brahma: that’s what business is all about
Anil Kumar: lets take it in broader sense, its not movies but the media with maximum audience reach, for some it could be movies for others it could be the hoarding outside the multiplex 🙂
Pruthvish Thaker: We can also take good examples from Cricket and Video Games too . E.g Cricket – The T-Shirt Brand wear by cricketers etc and Video Games- take NFS (Need For Speed) If you ride your car you will see hoarding of the companies like Bridgestone etc. And if we talk abt movie than – Pepsodent Toothpaste was giving a Tron Toy free with Pepsodent. It was so attracted that even i wish to buy Pepsodent not for tooth but for toy, the Bike. The Big Marketing politician Mr. N.Modi CM of Gujarat. For Him the whole state of Gujarat is the Product. “Namo Brought Nano” . The half sleevs Kurtas are more famous with “Modi Kurta” than Half Sleevs Kurta in india and abroad.


Soumo Ray: Stark reality in every sense. Only if the bosses could hear this and religiously adhere to this very notion, a dignified ‘quality of work life’ would inherently reduce employee turnover rate (minimization of expenditure). Sensible business tactics.
Smart Boy: Hari employee satisfaction is most important think in every business organization where the employee are satisfy than the employee will do work with enjoyment than the definitely business unit will be success in future
Biswajeet Ganguly: Dear mam you are really a g8 lady were i can say you teach me lot or you give me a right way
Sanjay Armarkar: Dear Mam If everybdy thinks like you then thhis world willl be mmuch beter place for every bdy. Thanks for the nice views
Mahendra Mehta:Human being is ordinarily so egoistic that HE/SHE considers himself qualified enough for a large number of the best jobs.HE/SHE has his own standard of judging about his own merits.According to that standard ,he gives himself best certificates of merit and is miserable if others do not accept his own certificate about himself.I feel ,that those who stand for most scrupulous honesty and trustworthy life are doing the highest service to man kind,The dishonesty in job is so universal that once a man becomes honest ,he is at once noticed as a special being but then an honest man becomes an eye-sore.
Sohi Saab that those who stand for most scrupulous honesty and trustworthy life are doing the highest service to man kind,The dishonesty in job is so universal that once a man becomes honest ,he is at once noticed as a special being but then an honest man becomes an eye-sore


Saddam Mohammad: i love it
Namrata Marwaha: Mam,its very encouraging. thank you for saying it.:
Preet Tanwar: This is the first tym mam m textng u…the above msg inspires me…thnks for posting….
Preet(batch 07-09
Nitesh Jain: Your 4p’s is very exciting & inspiring! What about 5P’s? PASSION.Give a thought…Most important ingredient!
Neeraj Narwalia: Hi mam m loves ur writings u always inspire
Santanu Das: thanks mam for this little dose of inspiration we seek in our crazy pursuits !!
Vrinda Aggarwal: wonderful blog
Sai Sarvotham: Yes I agree that I am different and crazy as u said.
Somya Pattanayak Pattanayak: nice one and inspiring one
Nitesh Jain: Very Inspiring…
Deepali Bansal: nicely written and very inspiring…..
Ayush Kotiyal: yes crazy could do thins differently ,cause they dont think about failing apart ,they do have their eccentric ideation


Salman Rehman: Anna did what a person thinks but doesn’t do. I appreciate you Anna as well as all the people those are supporting to this activity, friends it is time to change our life with new ” Jan Lokpal Bill”
Mohammed Rafi: nice ,awesome


Manoj Dubey: Too good
Abhinav Kumar: ?100% true
Hakeem Nasser: i have neva missed any of ur article…evry time u comeup wid somethng new…
Hakeem Nasser i have neva missed any of ur article…evry time u comeup wid somethng new…


Vishi Sutrakar: Your post are always up to the mark and related with the common man who has majority in India. I believe make your own road, whatever other said.. main karo to sala character dheela hai !!


Priya Gautam: Absolutely correct. Ppl treat them as GOD who keep there promises to kill such devils.. this was the good trick for OBAMA to bcome HERO, n he prooved it… bt I think the cops solved it r not praised once also… this is REAL POLITICS,,,,,, OF GREAT OBAMA>>:)
Rahul Modi: one wrong step makes their all the thing wrong…..
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: After a gap of more than one month another stunning article from u.Thank u for writing such inspirational articles.
Prince Kumar: Maybe osama is alive. The last lines of this blog is perfectly awesome
Mahendra Mehta: It is very true that:Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still.
Friends Of IIPM: its true but In today’s world, the rarest commodity is “trust”. Brands become great because of the great trust of the people. The one who enjoys trust of his people rules.


Raj Jadeja: Great..!!
Rajesh Thakur: Emo-kwg WONDERFULL……..!?
Mahendra Mehta: The West represents the male mind, aggressive intellect. The East represents the female mind, receptive intuition. East and West are not just arbitrary — the division is very very significant and profound. Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun.”
Sunidhi Singh: Dr. Rajita Mam we solute u .U r the best.
Ahamad Faraz: Its time for the WEST to learn from the MAsters..
Akshaya Ghosh: yup its the new west.its still “new” 🙂
Real Cool really its a great statement


MohammadImran Hakim: Requote: Business is Sales with Marketing being a small part of it….try holistic approach in sales and learn from the gurus of the fields the gladiators of the real life not by people who just distribute knowledege off and good old Keller Kotler or Armstrong
Kumar Rahul Vashist: holi kab hai ye bata i knw abt u and business both ok so ye bata holi kab hai holi ?aur dar ke aage jeet hai sab.aur thapad se dar nahi lagta sahab pyar aur business se lagta hai ?
Sunita Verma: Mrketing hi hota hai bs tarike alag alag bna rakhe hai
Sanjay Kumar Patel: Mam i think agar apna kaam niklna hai to ghadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai aur yehi marketing concept hai…
Mahendra Mehta: YES it is very true that WORDS – LIVE FOREVER The words are very significant and even only one person could change the world .This word ‘intuition’ is beautiful ,but we are given tuition everywhere, the other word, ‘tuition’; tuition meanssomebody else is giving it to us,That tuition is to repress our intuition. we are given tuition. It means something from the outside being forced upon us, and intuition means something coming from our innermost core. And if we are conscious, then instinct plus awareness is equal to intuition. Then for the first time we have found our words within ourself and now Intuition is our library, our real university, and then we don’t need any scripture, we don’t need any guide, our inner light is enough to lead us to the effective words and those are the words which make an advertisement. Sometimes witty, sometimes crisp, sometimes direct, sometimes funny, never boring ,more memorable.
Mohit Nimbalkar: Business could be marketing to some extent but to prosper in long run, one has to build good reputation, only marketing won’t help.
Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi: Dr. Rajita must hv drank sprite before this statement 😀 😀 😀


Javeed Kawoosa: well said
Gaurav Sabharwal: very true said maam
Ashok Savalgimath: business teach us to sell product but unfortunately most of the business mens and womens sell themselves in the process of selling products.


Akhilesh Singh: niceeeeeeeee
Hemank Sharma: SSSSwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeTTTTTTT
Mahendra Mehta: Very good article. Thanks for bringing


Mahendra Mehta: Resolution means totality, commitment, involvement, a quantum leap into … Most of us have not been able to keep up with the New Year’s Resolutions …lets try in this year2011
Prakash Raj: kk…. mamm i promise to follow ur words
Kapil Singh Kashyap: okm maam………….. we don’t……………..
Sravan Kumar: i promise….!
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Comparing parenting of kids` stages and that of marketing stages is really nice.
Debojyoti Pal: After a long time good to see your article again….everchanging face of marketing gimmick that requires always an up to date awareness for the experts……thanks for the article…
Vishi Sutrakar: Dr. Rajita, its really good to see your new year resolution and impressive as well. I made one upword sentence for my new year resolution ; Think –> Dare –> and ACHIEVE in this year. Happy and a rocking new year to you.


Munna Kumar: all about public relationship….by sales man…
Arpan Kushwaha: I don`t believe Exactly this, I my opinion business is all about Service How good you service , which customer get easily and Without any Mistake or defect , or he can easily move on to others……..
Sravan Kumar iam a big fan of this marketing god…………!


Promil Mitra: very nice !!!!!!!!
Sherry Arora: ?…yes ma’am…very true…you explained this idea to us in the class……very popular in u.s. and truly a good plan… can expand such a strategy and it can flourish well….:)
Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: U r a great prensenter of things with ease.Your blog posts is a treasure to me.Thank u.
Debojyoti Pal: Evolution, impaired with technology and imagination sketches new portrait of business model…..the Moses before the Jews needs to be omniscient about present to introspect about the future……..That may be any of us………..Nice article…..Thanks…….


Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose: Your style of presentation is marvellous.I appreciate your knowledge from Enstien to Facebook, is fatastic.You are energetic and positive in the outlook of things.Wish you good luck for more aticles to get from you.
Pramod Lolage: Hi ma’am nice article.
Saurabh Goyal: hiiiii mam nice article.
Vijay Ahlawat: looks so nice….
Aftab Khan: WoW! That was a lovely trip. Just as simple as ur smile…
Saravanan Vaithi: Only few can make the readers to visualize thier works…..Im the great Fan of yours…After reading your Article The Power of One.
Praveen Kadarakoppa: Simplest things how it wil work, u told in simplest manner, thanku ma’am


Mahendra Mehta: A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of GIVING — comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you are GIVING the more you are in a state of GIVING (letgo) , the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.Existence understands only GIVING…….GIVING is the greatest secret.
Amir Bhat: I m student of iipm del.. Business is nt marketing rather marketing is a part of business..if u analyse the word marketing it means place for trade of commodities (economics) and for a layman it means a place where sellers and buyers meet..i disagree wd both the concepts because acc. To me online shopping contradicts wd both of them as no place is req… business in broader sense has four pillars finance..manpower..operations..and trading (marketin)..without is marketing is a part of business and nt the complete business process..forgive me if i sound diff.. God bless u.


Sanjay Kumar Patel: i think there should be neccecity of two 10 billion because without large investment u can’nt make large profit………….
Shadab Tahseen: Thanks Ma’am for such a nice article….
Abhishek Saadhak: dear mam, your story is throwing light on the future macro economic perpective.can u also throw light specificly on new emerging entreprenurial trends or the perspective business options with focus on these tier two and tier three economic centres. ur such move will provide direction to me and other person who are residing in small towns n dreaming to become modern millonaire.thnks
Tazy Choudhry: My Dear, Dr. Rajita, as you are fully aware, many, many years ago India was the business hub of the world, untill, through our misfortune, we became poor, however, my point is, how ever we develope our business ideas and increase our wealth, how are we going to prevent it from being taken away from us, or stop our people giving it to our competitors..?
Mahendra Mehta: The more you cling to money, the poorer the world becomes because of your clinging you loose your Royalness, because money is multiplied if it is always moving from one hand to another hand. In English we have another name for money which is more significant — it is “currency.” That simply indicates that money should always remain moving like a current. It should always be on the move from one hand to another hand. The more it moves the better.There are many kinds of Richness, and the man who is rich because of money is the lowest as far as the categories of richness are concerned. Let me say it in this way: the man of wealth is the poorest rich man but not Royal man.We have been distracted into unnatural motivations: money, prestige, power.Fame comes easier if you are destructive.The very ambition for money is going to destroy your…Royalness A man who is after money will become destructive, because money has to be robbed, exploited; it has to be taken away from many people, only then can you have it. Power simply means you have to make many people impotent, you have to destroy them — only then will you be powerful, can you be powerful.
Mahendra Mehta: It is True That your next billion consumers will not come from the biggies, but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was has infinite possibilities
Meeth Parikh: ?@mahendra mehta i agree what u said but at the end when u said ” but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was has infinite possibilities” r u sure that small towns r growing????
Mahendra Mehta: ?@MEETH, I am pretty sure, you could find out… I have lived in dozens of representative small towns and I have seen the world. …. growing


Varun Verma: superb…. 🙂 🙂
Abhilash Nair: good to hear u mam, but talent even grow old what remains is,the fire beneth u dont let it slow down just burn the world with ur desires and make people follow u
Siddesh Sougaijam: They r d oldest band.. Which didn’t break up… They got a noble prize in one of thr song also…. N I luv d song kite… 4rm d ablum call All that u can’t Leave behind…:) njoy guys…
Shiv Saggu: You can say yes to anything you want — and, more importantly, no to anything that sounds too good to be true. Your willpower is legendary, but when it’s backed up by energy like this, you’re unstoppable!


Pronoy Das: Mam it was a great article ….. Realy awesum
Manoj Kumar Sharma: totally agreed with your views
Chetan Sinha: the article was really awesome……
Ajay Kumar: Mam Its Really Awesome…. 🙂
Vikram Singh: its good one mam…..
Avneet Gupta: This is what a MARKET is now a days and we all know that now a days WE as a human beings are not HUMAN BEING…. we are ROBOTS with SOUL…!! NICE ARTICLE… Mam…!!
Vinod Kotwal: we are knows that no one is satesfied towards money then how can we get satesfactory
Abhishek Mishra: is it really that easy mam ?? i guess to not know something is a sin in present time. Isn’t it ???
Monika Gupta: mam i m regular reader of ur article n i love it new mrktng strategie amazing it helped me a lot while my gd n interviews thnx mam……… 🙂
Nand Kishore: mam i also do read ur articles it is very much helpful.
Shveta Sharma: hi mam …. i m also fond of ur articles


Promil Mitra: nice article
Pranav Gupta: nice article mam really inspiring
Kanishka Vyas: The present need… scenerio, the number of products offered and customers have forced to change the rule of this game….i think in future this will me more intresting to see….as we’ll have more options and opinions…..
Munna Kumar: yes mam,change is a natural rule if u r not changing ur concept with time in any perspective then u will face big problem. so all person change ur concept as possible as 1 step ahead with respect to other in any way.
Prashant Kumar: mam, those who change the rules, surely they will rule the game……..
Ankit Maheshwari: Mam my father even read the article and said business is all about “change”
Abhishek Srivastava: thts right…… 🙂
Rahul Singh: because if u fallow all the rules,u lost the fun?????
Rohit Singh: its an awesome article of 4P’s I read it
Abhishek Mishra: Rahul, it should be..if u follow all the rules,u lose the fun.. and it goes both ways bro i.e vice-versa.


Amir Bhat: Business is nt only marketing rather marketing is a part of business.
Abhay Kumar: Marketing is a promoter of Business. We can say that Marketing is the pillar of every Business Floor
Avinash Pandey: Marketing is a strategy of developing & expanding the BUSINESS by way of selling (or what ever be the Nature of Business)
Kennedy Kangjam: Marketing is very importance in any business
Jimit Shah: Business at Starting point is Marketing but in the long run is Marketing & Finance.
Nikhil Nijhawan: true…tats y i jus love it……
Debapriya Mukherjee: D statement is definitely true…if u cant market urself, u will b a failure in ur business as well
Amir Bhat: Business is a combination of four walls i.e financing(capital),production(creation of a utility in the form of a good or a service),human resource(manpower),and marketing(combination of 4ps )
Jimit Shah: Business at Starting point is Marketing but in the long run is Marketing & Finance
Kinshuk Jhala: Heylo…long time ma’am..gem of a piece bdw.
Ritesh Anand: thnx a lot 2 u mam !


Shitij Yadav: Ma’am, I love reading your blogs, they are really interesting & insightful. But I’d suggest you plz change the font style of your blog to one which more easier on the eyes.
Shouray Saggi: mam i have also read ur blog and it was awesome the idea was gr8!!!


Tarun Kathuria: wow ma’am….a guru always know the ablity & capability of their students…
Pankaj Dhiman: business is game which we have to play for win………
Tiya Saha: amazing….
Saurabh Shukla: Ma’am,u taught a real and very funny way to learn marketing.thank you.
Kinshuk Jhala: It would be great if you can share some tips on New Business Development and Market Penetration..thnks
Suchi Garg: nice.
Varun Verma: superb thought angle ma’am… 🙂 🙂


Unif Ishtiaq: A Black day for cricket lovers…where Your talent is Valued with money…where legends like Lara and sourav ganguly who served for so many years got insulted like this 🙁 real shame
Arbaaz Khan: in terms of business success is measured the rate of return in profit and having best players in team attract more n more investers for the team !! so staking the team with best players may not be success in cricket but it ll be in business 🙂
Sumesh Nair: Ganguly sold for 0.00 crores!
Unif Ishtiaq: if u tlking about business than hiring most experienced people is the best decision ..
Javid Lone: superstars r the building blocks of a strong team. Jayasuri type player havnt born in india.
Sandeep Kumar: Obviously Super Team! Talent is essential but Passion is ultimate. Also, winning spirit is a must. A single goal should be there in the mind of all the team members. Also, not to forget SACHIN TENDULKAR… probably the best cricketing talent in the world… but are we the best, inevitable cricket team..??
Avinash Denge: very rare case success is behind best players, for e.g. take the case of KKR in IPL
Vishi Sutrakar: Well, The business is marketing. The headline is impressive. I can say success of any team can not be guaranteed by best players. It is depend how much every player contributing on team sprit. Well this was proven in the IPL1, when the team RR won the title without so many best players and the team KKR defeated instead of having best players on its radar. Dr. Rajita !! your article is good as you not include the failure of Ganguly to not get sold in auction.
Mahendra Mehta: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.I love the humanity… to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.


Prakash Raj: nice blog mam…..
Debojyoti Pal: Modern consumerism is more sensible on customization.Prioritization of the customers has become the cardinal point of interest; that is the value added service with the product. Self entity idolization that injects more value to them. That is the subtle marketing technique to win the heart.
Vishi Sutrakar: Shahrukh’s baby (KKR), Is basically more focused on branding and marketing instead of real cricket. They launch campaign for cheer leader’s, coach and all sideline activities. Shahrukh must understand that this nation is a cricket crazy nation, and if he really want to give a big boost for brand KKR he must incourage the true cricket in KKR. avoid controversies and focus on game.


Vishi Sutrakar: Well Dr. Rajita !! Steve jobs is cetainly a game changer on tech world, whatever he do world watch. and now the expectations are high and will surely wait what’s in his mind to fight with Android… Lots of excitement expected, and Shareprice on Nasdaq will defenetly go on uptrend…


Monika Gupta: adaptability has been an oldest theory fr survival which is nw the mantra in mrktng……..
Arpan Kushwaha: soory but i don`t belive in this i means by fittest is the product quality, quality stands always,but markting vanished in just somtime when turth comes over, “This survival of the fittest, implies multiplication of the fittest.”
Pradip Kumar: like this


Anoop Luthra: wow!!!!!! more than awesome
Mahendra Mehta: YES IT IS TRUE …KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CULTURAL NUANCES AND ETIQUETTES GOES A LONG WAY IN ENSURING THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS Because all the cultures,the BUSINESS exists for the individual, the nation exists for the individual.For example:If you need a Host for your business and if you are Keeping only Politicians, then failure is sure to come,because some business need Butchers only and, some professions needs Surgeons only.


Mahendra Mehta: The CEO is a good mechanism, but not a good master. It can serve you if you are the master and the CEO is the servant. But if the servant becomes the master and starts ruling over you, that is the state of insanity, can ruin even a great empire… What is CEO? It is all borrowed, and borrowed from different sources – from the his past experiences , from the other organizations , from the scholars , from the computer , from the libraries. Sometime even depends on his peons by sitting in glass showcases , His hunger is insatiable; it goes on swallowing all kinds of information. That information may be contradictory and impractical . The CEO all decisions should be on seen basis not on hearing basis .Who’s next? Is not the question ,Question is what practical source he is using with his organization to continue to prosper
Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi: CEO OR CIO OR CFO…THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR..u have to tak ur own initiatives !!


Hardyal Kushwaha: Mam September 11, 1906: Gandhi begins the non-violent protest movement in South Africa. Before Mahatma Gandhi used non-violent tactics to kick the British out of India, he was working for the British Army stationed in South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi was treated poorly for being a man of color and denied the right to vote by a newly passed South African law. Gandhi first tested his theories of non-violent protest at a September 11, 1906 gathering to protest the treatment of Indians living in South Africa.


Himanshu Jain: Reality
Sandeep Goel: M motivated.. thanku mam
Dheeraj Jha: yes.. very true.. also hard and determined work doesnt guarantee you success.. but it definitely gives you confindence to overcome the obstacles..
Nikhil Sudrik: This is a good article.
Hemant Jain: this is the gud thot
Rajiv Ranjan: awesome
Sankar Chakraborty: I think this is a logically written and a very usufull article on business i have gone though in recent past. Can u suggest something similarly on network marketing business itself in INDIA.if you don’t mind ,you can mail me as i am searching some good post on it for long.
Sai Sarvotham: The same formula applies to all buesiness formats, whenther it is a branded product or unbranded product. Go ahead.
Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi: Personal touch is also must in marriage 🙂 wht d u say Dr. RAJITA ???????