Reviews by SMS

Dear Chief Consulting Editor, your article ‘The less obvious rules of success’ was an excellent read. I will definitely keep in mind things that you have mentioned in that piece when I sit for any interview in future. A great guide of an article.

Salem (Tamil Nadu)

Dear Dr. Rajita, your editorials that are featured in 4Ps B&M are really wonderful. I must say that the thoughts behind them are life-changing. Thank you so much and god bless you.

Mayank Sharma
New Delhi

Ma’am, I have been reading your columns since the launch of this magazine. They are worth reading. In fact, I have been reading 4Ps B&M since the very start as the presentation of perspectives in this magazine is better than in any other in India. I appreciate the immense effort put behind the making of such an amazing magazine. My best wishes to the entire editorial team.

Sudhakar P. V. S.
Asst. Manager – Sales,
Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

Hi. I am an MBA student. Your article titled, ‘Chained to succeed’ was a wonderful read. It has inspired me and has shown me how to move ahead in life. Thanks.

Vikash Kumar, Patna
I just went through the column titled ‘Talk to me’ in Brand Forum. It is truly an eye opener. I was just wondering how can this strategy be used in trade marketing?.


‘Bootstrap your way to success’ is really a very motivating article, especially for someone like me who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Hats off to the people whose examples you have quoted. Thank you for the article.

Ghanshyam Singh Pathania

‘Bootstrap your way to success!’ is really a motivational and inspirational read for the young generation, especially folks like me who want to put their thoughts to work or start a new business but have to live by constraints. It was an amazing piece. Keep writing and keep inspiring.

Kavan Mehta

‘Bootstrap your way to success!’ I absolutely loved this topic because it made go ahead with my business idea of working on an organic and health juice retail chain in Gujarat. Could you please tell me more about how to go about my idea? Thanks.

Umang Thakkar

The article ‘Chained to succeed’ was too good. I thought you could have added one more point in the article – Interest! Interest automatically gives birth to passion. And only passion will not only help inculcate commitment towards something but will also teach you to enjoy your work.
Good evening. I’m pursuing an MBA from IIPM Mumbai. I really liked the topic on which you’ve written (“BOOTSTRAP”). After reading your piece, I have been encouraged to think in a bootstrap way hereon. Thanks for giving such brilliant ideas to students like us!

Hello Dr. Rajita. Your column in Oct’12 BBF (‘It’s common sense silly’) is much appreciated among all others. I have always admired your style of writing and also the topics you focus on. Nike’s branding strategy in the Olympics was really an inspiring instance.

Shams, British American Tobacco, Bangladesh

Hi Dr. Rajita: Nice article published in Brand Forum. Keep writing.
Your writing on Commitment (titled ‘Chained to succeed’) is really inspiring. Thank u Ma’am for inspiring me.

Jose, IIPM Cochin

Thanks a lot for wirting such an editorial. The article was very encouraging. Really, the worst thing is to give up when you are trying to achieve a goal.

Ayushman Pandey

Hi! Truely inspired after reading your article ‘Never never give up’. Many thanks for such a wonderful article. Regards.
I was reading your editorial titled, ‘Chained to succeed!’ while I was traveling by train. I was moved. And it added to my positivity. I am an MBA student at Symbiosis. I want to thank you for your piece. God bless!

Ankit Jain

What a wonderful article on bootstrapping! It made my train journey interesting.


‘Never never give up’ – thanks for such a great article. Have no words to say how glad I was to read it. Thanks again.

Avin, Bhubaneswar

Just read your editorial ‘Just do it!’ It was really inspiring & encouraging. I am very impressed by your de-clutter theory. Thanks for your article.

Suraj Dhanawade, Pune

‘JUST DO IT!’ was a good piece. Dr. Rajita Chaudhuri did a great job with it.

S.Prabhu, Nagercoil, TN

‘Never never give up’, the editorial was very interesting. There were such good examples mentioned. I am a regular reader of 4Ps B&M.

Sushik Singh (PGDM, 2nd year student)

Hi Ma’am: Just read the magazine, I read your piece. Let me tell you, what you have written is just awesome. It is very informative and superb.

Shashi Sharma

‘Just do it!’ is such a fantastic topic. Hereon, I am really going to say ‘no’ to my temptations as I need to focus on my goals to achieve greatness in life. Your article has motivated me.

Rahul Sharma

Excellent article.Thank u for recommending great books.I buy and read all the books except the 8th habit by Stefen R Covey which I read.Sky is the limit for u madam. All the best.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

Once again a mind blowing article from the Dean of IIPM.Your presentation of the topic is at its peak.I know all about the ppl u mentioned here and their achievements but I stand nowhere before u to write such a fantastic and useful article.PPL get enriched if they follow u here.Thank u.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

“JUST DO IT It is great article.I specialy thanks to mam Dr. RAJITA CHAUDHURI. Man i have read you article I also read Robin Sharna and other great thinkers and writers. All advices are excellent but the need of young generation is how to impliment them. We know and understand all these. But we need practical approach.”

Dhiraj Gupta Srinagar

“NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. . . . . Wow ! . wt a motivatin n inspirational contnt dis month. . a special thnx to our honourable Dr. Rajita Mam. Plz keep our spirits high by sendin goldn wrds. . . . .”
“Just finishd reading JUST DO IT! in M.Y.O.D. Magazine is awesome. The article is suberb as i found it really practical in life. I would like to write for ur magazine. How can i? I write blogs at, publishd an ebook ANTHOLOGY OF RAJAT MAHAYCH on google, currently workin on my 3 books.”

Rajat Mahaych

“Fine article Mr. Chaudhuri “”Never never give up””good work,carry on…”
‘never never…give up’. Thanks for such a great article. Got no words to say how happy I felt reading it. Thanks again.

Avin, BBSR

“wonderful article..’just do it’…plz keep writing such inspirational stuff.”

Gaurav Chaudhary

“Just read editorial,it was really inspiring, encouraging,I am very impressed with your de-clutter theory..thanx to Dr. Rajita for her article.. ”

Suraj Dhanawade (pune)

“Confident walkin is more succesfull dan confused running – youth magazine should have some motivational writes,”


“Simplify the writing first”


“JUST DO IT ! It is good topic, you depict this topic as well, i greet Dr.RAJITA CHAUDHURI,she did a great job”

S.PRABHU – Nagercoil

“”never never never give up”” hi this sushik singh PGDM 2nd year student. I really like this topic even while reading this topic increase my interest coz of such good example that u mentioned in it. I m regural reader of 4p’s but i m smsing first time.”
‘It’s all about creating the right image’ was a nice article on creating the right image. I am a management student frm Bhubhaneshwar and own a image based website Thank you so much for the piece full of knowledge and information.

Mrudu Malay Mohapatra, CEO/MD –

Your article titled, ‘Stick out; Don’t blend in!’ was very interesting. I am extremely influenced by the idea – do exectly opposite of what others are doinig.

Dharmaraj Jaiswal – PGDM, ASBM

Hi. I read your article in 4Ps B&M titled, ‘The Rock Stars’. Though this feedback come a little late, I’d say that the piece was truely inspiring. Regards.

Prof Parin Shah, Ahmedabad

I just read your article titled, ‘Never Never Give Up’. It’s really awesome. It encourages me greatly. Thanks for the article.

Sumit Swarnakar, Sambalpur, Orissa

Your editorial in this month’s 4Ps magazine was great. So true – it’s about creating conversations between the consumer and seller and not just about talking to them. This practice heralds a new age of creativity and innovation in marketing in the digital age.

Pranay Das

I liked the editorial piece ‘Talk to me’. Nicely written. Branding of products has been well explained.

Ravi Lokhanse, Business Manager, Raychem RPG
I like your editorial in 4Ps B&M.

Prijesh Kannan

‘Never Never Give Up’. Wow ! What a motivatinal and inspirational article I got to read this month. Special thanks to you Ma’am. Please keep our spirits high by writing such golden words.
The editorial titled, ‘Never Never Give Up’ is very inspiring and motivating, Thanks.

M. Siva Prasad

‘Just Do It’ is a great article. Special thanks.

Dhiraj Gupta, Srinagar

Hi Ma’am: Your article in 4Ps B&M titled, ‘Never Never Give Up’ is just amazing. It inspired me a lot. Keep writing and motivating us!

Jyotsna Srivastava

‘Just Do It’ is an awesome article. What you have shared through writing is really valuable. It inspires me. Yes, self control makes a man achieve something in life. Hope to read such articles in your editorials in future as well.

Sumanta Halder, Kolkata

‘Never never give up’ was an excellent read.

Narayana Swamy

Lately, stumbled upon your article call ~ TALK TO ME. I loved it & thanks for making me read. Appreciate your thoughts.


The article “Look what a good idea can do!” in 4Ps B&M was awesome. I was amongst those who did not keep much interest in reading business magazines. But 4Ps B&M is really different and your piece is great. I liked it.

A. V. Minhaz

Hi Ma’am. I just read your article titled, “Look what a good idea can do”. It was amazing. But I noticed that except Sabeer Bhatia, name of no other Indian was mentioned. I think we could have had more Indian examples. Thank you so much for the wonderful article. I look forward to such great pieces.

Navpreet Nagi, New Delhi

“Do not be afraid to be You” is an excellent article. Both men and women can feel motivated if they have this attitude.

Shubhmoy Khan

I am a big fan of 4Ps B&M, especially articles written by the Chief Consulting Editor. I got up today morning and started reading the editorial “I’m not afraid”. It’s a very well-written article. I respect all women in the world. The way my mother handles everything is superb. She taught me how to cook, how to respect people and so many other things. When I was in school, my sister used to help me in everything. She helped me in my homework. Actually, she did most of my homework. She was so selfless that she would only do her homework after completing mine. And the third most important woman in my life is my girlfriend. I think I am more organised in life because of her. So “I’m not afraid” to say that I am what I am because of these three lovely ladies.Thanks to all women in the world

Rakesh Bajaj

“Branding – the Mahabharata way” is a very interesting article and adds a new flavour to the concept of branding. The more a brand and its positioning touches our life, the more it is adaptable.

Rahul Mahakud

I read the 4Ps B&M editorial titled, “I’m not afraid”. I agree – women are very ‘courageous’. In fact, I feel that our late PM Smt. Indira Gandhi was the only man in her regime. Thank you for the great read.

Anil Navarange,
Thane, Maharastra

Thank you for the wonderful article “I’m not afraid”. It helped me get through an interview which according to my parents was not my cup of tea. Thanks a tonne 🙂
“Branding – the Mahabharata way” was quite impressive. I just opened 4Ps B&M and I could just stop reading it. I think the examples that have been quoted from around the world are very motivating. The article gave me a lot of positive energy. I am re-energised & ready to rock! Thanks a ton.


“I’m not afraid” is really one of the best articles of Dr. Rajita ma’am that I have ever read. All the examples of women’s success have been superbly stated. It is really worth appreciating the way women have created their identities in a male-dominated world. Today’s women are making their own destiny… and all of us must support it with great enthusiasm…

Ranu Parmar

“Branding The Mahabharata Way!” is a very encouraging and useful article, especially for companies seeking to launch new products and enter new markets. Such words do give a lot of confidence.


Dear Ma’am: I have read your article in 4Ps B&M tiled, “Super Ads, At the Super Bowl”. It was quite informative.

Milan Soni

“The Rock Stars” is a well-researched, encouraging and inspirational article.

Barant Rai

“The Rock Stars” is a rocking article!
The editorial titled, ‘The Rockstars’ is absolutely outstanding and inspiring. It has been compiled fantastically and moves minds of readers. Cheers.

Megha Tank

The editorial titled, “The Rock Stars” was motivating, especially for entrepreneurs…

Deepak Mahakud

I read your piece in 4Ps B&M (“The Rock Stars”). It was a good read. Well done and keep up the good work. All the best.
“The Rock Stars” editorial published in 4Ps B&M magazine is truly awesome. It is something which motivates us to do something extraordinary in our life… something which we are capable of. 10/10 to the writer. Keep on motivating the young guns of India. Thanks.

Vivek Kumar

Hi. I am a regular reader of 4Ps B&M. Today, I bought the February issue of the magazine. Your editorial titled, “The Rock Star” is very inspiring. Do continue giving us such good write ups.


Dear Ma’am
I am an MBA student from Jaipur. I read your article titled, “The Rock Stars”. Each and every point mentioned in the article is important, especially “Never underestimate yourself”. It encourages us to do what we want in our lives and area of interest. It motivates us. Saying “I can do it, we can do it” inspires us.

Sunita Pant

“The Rock Stars” is a very motivating editorial for youngsters who want to become sucessful. It’s a must read!

Mayank Verma

“A New Year, a new start!” was a fantastic editorial.
“Why this Kolaveri Di” is really a million dollar piece – full of information. The writer has in a nutshell written facts that would have otherwise been enough to fill 100 volumes of books. I suggest Harvard Business School should include this piece in its course. Congratulations and keep on writing such great editorials.

Mahmood Ahmad,

RSM Kortek Electronics India Ltd., Greater Noida
Dear Chief Consulting Editor: Thank you for your marvelous articles that we get to read in the first couple of pages of 4Ps B&M. I am a lecturer in management in Lovely Professional University, Punjab. And I am continuously using your articles as a teaching aid. The content is so simply put and easy to understand that even my undergraduate students can grasp the essence of the articles with ease.The recent one titled, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ a big hit in one of my classes. Waiting eagerly for the next article.

Baljeet Singh

I just read your editorial in 4Ps on marketing of the Kolaveri song. Your words are appreciated and full of information and knowledge. Thanks.

Abhishek Garg

Hi  Dr. Rajita,

I just finished reading your book ‘Thorns to Competition’… Great Writing about Advertising World. Enjoyed Reading… Infact got glued to it…
Personally, the best part was the Postface… Loved it:-)
I wanted to Thank you and your Army for your efforts…
Today’s is Che Guevara s Birthday… Just thought of sharing…
I’ll be applying your thought to my Photography Service…

Vishal Diwan

Dear Dr. Rajita,

Hi! I hope you are well. I am Sagar, working in a advertising agency. I love to read your articles from Brand Forum, Bangladesh. “STICK OUT; DON’T BLEND IN” was great. I wanna thank you for spellbinding writings. Wish you all the best.

Md. Saidur Rahman Sagar

Executive Media Planning & Research
Today I read your article named “The Rock Stars” in a our countries leading Brand magazine named ‘Brand Forum’. You really amazed and motivated me through this.. So I didnt wait to send my feedback..

Thanking You
Ali Zaber Choudhury

Dear Dr. Rajita
I take the privilege to congratulate you for your valuable and learned presentations title “The Rock Stars” published in the “Bangladesh Brand Forum” February 2012, Issue 12, Volume 03.
I understand from your article that you are nodoubt a renowed, brilliant and talented resource person in the marketing globe.
I shall be highly pleased if you are kind enough to share with me your valuable experiences and knowledge in the field of marketing and communicate any resourceful information and documents to me (shoft copy) to the following address.
Look forward to hearing from you Wish you good health and long live.

Md. Shahjahan Ali
Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Ma’am,
I just read your article “I’m Not Afraid” in 4P’s. I think the issue of women empowerment is very apt in today chauvinistic world. Though I feel things are much better, there are still miles to go. The citation of Marie Curie’s achievements added so much substance to the article.
But I am somewhat surprised that you didn’t quote or mention Oprah in your article. I’m surprised all the more because you’ve always mentioned Oprah with a lot of reverence. Is the omission due to fact that Oprah is an overdone example?

Shoaib Ahmed

“Heal the world, make it a better place!” was a great editorial. It was indeed a great article on branding with social responsibility.


Dear Ma’am: your article titled, “To sell your product, go to the movies” is really fantastic. I really loved in. I want to congratulate you for this work and hope that you will continue the good work.


I liked your cover story in 4Ps B&M, titled, “Is India really four nations?” in the issue dated November 3, 2011. Yes, I too think along similar lines. Before marketing any product in a market like India, one must understand the market which has very diverse cultures.

Hanas Azeez

This is in reference to your editorial titled, “Move over cricket, here come the cars”. F1 is a something else – unlike cricket which no longer retains the novelty factor. We want something else and we want to always try so many new things even in our daily lives. Brilliant writeup.

J. M. Sajid

Hi. I read your editorial titled, “To sell your product go to the movies”. It’s a very thoughtful piece. Movies definitely change perceptions and influence buying behaviours. We are so associated with movie stars that we try to imitate them. We try to know more about them, what products they use, what services they render, etc. As pointed out by you, strong stories help in building an emotional connect with the target audience.

Sheetal Baderiya

Hi Dr. Rajita. Your editorial titled, “Mein Karoo toh character dheela hai!” was rocking! Though it’s too late to send a feedback, but I really liked your column in Brand Forum, BD. All the best.

Shishir Sarker

Thank you Ma’am for writing on such a lovely topic (I’m referring to your editorial titled, “Move over cricket, here come the cars”.). The content was too good and there was a lot of information in those two pages.

Ritesh Thakur

As truly said by Dr. Rajita Ma’am, it’s time to “Move over cricket, here come the cars!” We all know that cricket has dominated the scene of sports in the country, but only due to lack of other alternatives are we still stuck with it. Look at the response that the recent Grand Prix held in Noida (India) received. Whether it be advertising sponsors (the many corporates like Kingfisher and Airtel) or even the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar – they were all there. Do we need to say anything more than this? Really, “Move over cricket, here come the cars!”

Ishan Bulandi

Dear Ma’am: I just read your article in 4Ps B&M titled, “Why this Kolaveri di”. Your article is appreciated and the full of knowledge for readers. Thanks much.

Abhishek Garg

What an awesome book! Everything right from the beginning till the last word on the last page was interrelated and correlated…one touch to gold on Marketing and it’s aspects…
T- Target
H- Hit where it hurts
O- Obsessive
R- Reinvent things on a frequent basis
N- Nail it when you need it
S- Sell it to all classes.
Very well correlated with Gandhian Principles & the way he chose to market his iconic ideas.
All credits & hats off to Dr. Rajita Chaudhuri Ma’am for this wonderful piece to curate a new & triggering sense of marketing basics amongst inclined personnels. — at International Institute of Planning and Management,IIPM.

Pranav Pranayan

Hello Honorable madam,
I’m Shimul from BANGLADESH ,I read some article of yours, from different publication, even i attend a seminar, and i like those very much!.. i would be very glad if you give me your opinion and an overview about social marketing importance and its different aspects in company’s success!

Thank you very much,

Dear Dr. Rajita,
thank you for your nice writing. Now I understand why Fevicol has been airing such crazy ads for years. I always wondered how these crazy ads would make people think that Fevicol is a good adhesive. So, it was not there intention to communicate the quality of the product but to be a much-talked brand, and indeed it often became our talk-of-the-adda. However, some unknown or less known(to layman) brands dominate the examples of your writing apart from the likes of Superman or Colgate. I would have liked to read some more instance of how crazy ideas can fail also, which could help a reader to develop a calculated-crazy-idea. Nevertheless, reading your article was like a splash among the intensity of Brand Forum.

Thanking you again,
A K M Mahmudul Hasan
Management Trainee Officer
Trust Bank Limited.

At first i need to tell you that i am a big fan of your writing in “Brand Forum”. I learn many things from you.i am doing job in an ad agency and in future i want to be a ‘brand manager’.I love your last article ” It takes ‘3’ to Tango”.
I have few Qs for you..

1)The way you look at the product and communication its really great.I want to know how you start this kind of thinking?

2) How to start a product brand promotion? What are the primary needs?

It would be nice if you ans my Q’s.

Md.Parvez Alamgir Jhoney
Executive Operations Dhansiri Communication Ltd.

Dear Madam,
I am Jony from Bangladesh. I am an Engineering graduated. I have been Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Discipline.

I am very much interested to Branding and Brand marketing. I have read your column at Bangladesh Brand forum Magazine. I want to do something in the field of Branding and related field.

Is it possible to synchronize the Engineering field and Branding. could you please help me regarding this issue? Although engineering and branding is different field though I want to synchronize this two idea, and want to start a new idea where contains engineering and branding….so on. please advice me how can I start?

could you please refer me some web address and some books which is written in the field of branding.

Thanks your nice column which is written in Bangladesh Brand forum magazine. your column is enriched, from your column I have known to many information. I am the regular reader of this magazine. I am waiting for your nice column on this magazine.

i am waiting for your kind response.

thanks and Best regards

Dear Dr. Rajita Chaudhuri
I recently read our editorial on Lady Gaga in 4PsB&M (Issue dated 12-25 Aug) and found it very appealing and true. All the best!

Regards, Keshav

Hi Ma’am: I liked your article in 4Ps B&M on Lady Gaga (Vol 6 issue 14).
The editorial by the Chief Consulting Editor in 4PsB&M is an amazing write-up that guides entrepreneurs like me.

Regards, Benedict Nirmal

Hi Dr. Rajita. I was going through your article in the 4PB&M issue (Vol.6, issue 16). I loved it.

Regards, Ashish Tomar, JICM, Bhopal

Hi Dr. Rajita: your Editorial titled, ‘There’s no place like India’ (Issue 28 Aug- 8 Sep 2011) is a must read for all in the marketing fraternity. The two pages represent volumes of information put across in a simplified manner. Really fantastic.

Regards, Sanjeevi Srikrishna, Kurnool

Hello. I am a student of marketing management. I read your editorial in 4PsB&M magazine. I really liked it a lot.
This is with regards to the editorial titled, ‘There’s no place like India’. The whole article was interesting and provided clear ideas of new marketing strategies adopted by MNCs in India to make an impact on the consumer’s mind and is very relevant to students of marketing management.

Regards, Swapnil Soni

Ma’am: Your writing always symbolises a great commitment towards students and companies. Reading your informative and realistic articles makes it feel as if you are speaking to us, and not just writing. I read your article in the Bangladesh Brand Forum. Thanks Ma’am.

Regards, Saidul Meher Ferdous, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

Hi Ma’am: Thanks for the in-depth analysis of Indian and foreign brands in your editorial titled, ‘There’s no place like India’.

Regards, Vikram

The article by Dr. Rajita (‘Love me or hate me, but you can’t ignore me’, Vol 6, Issue 14, dated 12-25 Aug, 2011) in 4PsB&M is well presented, with clear explanation on brand building in today’s world is tobe done. Explanations with the example of Lady Gaga is the cherry on the cake.

Regards, Ajay Anand

The editorial titled ‘There is no place like India’ is excellently written. I liked it very much.

Regards, V. P. Singh

Dear Dr. Rajita
Your article in Brand Forum Bangladesh is great. I enjoyed reading the article.

Regards, Saif

I m shohel from BD l, currently studying bba in AIUB. I just read ur lecture on trend of mixing homelanguage is a blast for now a days . I find it very interesting the way u discussed on Brand forum. Have a nice day.

shohel, AIUB

The most beautiful thing about 4Ps B&M is its editorial and brand quiz.

Thanks, Manoj Kumar Patra, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Your editorial “East is the new West”, is very intriguing and interesting.

Sameer Shah, Tata Teleservices, Pune

I just read your article, “Stand by Me”. It is greatly appreciated.

Dev, GrameenPhone Ltd. (Bangladesh)

I am really amazed by your article on the Rule of #3. This article has encouraged my thoughts.

Thanks and best regards, Vijaykumar A. Naidu

The article, “Stand by Me” from the Chief Consulting Editor’s desk riveted my attention through its entire length. It says what leadership is all about, what great companies are all about.

Regards, Shahanul Husain, Executive Vice-President, Prime Bank Limited (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Dear Ma’am: Your article in 4PsB&M was very good. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Syed

“Stand by me” – was a great word of art. Truly inspirational.
Your edit on the Power of 3, was a lovely way of putting across the magical effect of the number 3. Loved it.

Regards, Nandagopal

Dear Ma’am: I just read your article that was published in Bangladesh in Brand Forum magazine. It is really a piece of an impressive work. I like this line most – “A great leader of tomorrow will have the maximum Likes and Followers, both in the virtual and the real world.” I totally agree with you. Thanks.

Tanvir, BBA student, Jagannath University (Bangladesh)

The Power of 3 was a superb editorial. It was a great article… with a good connect of the happenings of the present and of the past used to bring out the relevance of the Power of 3.

Sumit Khandelwal

Ma’am – I read your article – and that proved that you are a genius.

Khalid Sohail

I read your edit titled, ”How to kiss and tell” in the 19 Nov- 2 Dec 2010 issue of 4Ps B&M. Really – you have put forward very real-life and interesting facts across.
Dear Ma’am: I just read your article “Stand by me” in the Brand Forum magazine. It is truly inspiring.

Sakib (Bangladesh)

Dear Dr. Rajita. I just happened to read your Last Word that was featured in the October 2009 issue of 4Ps. It is a very interesting article.


This is with reference to your editorial titled – “Main karoo to character dheela hai!” I think it was an awesome piece of observation. Yes, it’s true that one has to communicate with their prospects in the language they love, to mould them as your customer. Marketer’s must conduct a study of their prospective customers’ behaviours and should identify their prospects. Then they should just fine-tune their products and campaigns accordingly. Thanks to you for your efforts.

Devendra Singh, Student at IIPM Chennai

Hello M’a’am: Your articles are always very intriguing! Really want to read more of them.


Dear Dr. Rajita,
I m Arefin from Bangladesh sitting here to write u a feedback of ur writing on “the Like Button” in the publication of brand forum.

The first impression is excellent. Any one can stumble on to that writing if really they carry on reading for some time patiently. Basically I love the last episode as it was full of information about click marketing literally face book marketing. But I have some objection on the paragraph focusing on twitter. Actually I could not understand why you introduced that para which obviously I got vacant. And of course ur beginning was fantastic as some way u r able to tap the readers thinking at the very first of the writing.

At last very sorry for the late response as probably u write it long before and as a writer u have the right to get feed back as soon as a reader read.

Aminul Arefin
Masters in Bank Management
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM)

Great examples & logic quoted to explain the saying in article. i would like to add that success requires devotion & sacrifices along with commitment. and one should be ready to pay that cost.


PMGood article, Ek bar jo mai nay commitment kar deya phir to mai apna aap ki bhi nahi sunta….

Sachin Taneja

PMAwesome article…I think Dr. Rajita has some substance, if it is her own imagination..good read


Dear Ma’am: I read your latest editorial in 4Ps B&M titled ‘Maine karoo to character dheela hai’. It is simply amazing.

Khalid Sohail

Dear Ma’am, I just read your article that was published in Bang Brand Forum. It is really is an impressive piece of work. I like this line the most – “A great leader of tomorrow willl have the maximum likes and followers both in the virtual and real world.”.I totally agree with you because that is what is called power and influence. Thanks for the great piece.

Tanvir – BBA student, Jagannath University, Dhaka

“Stand by me” – it is a great editorial. Truly inspirational.
Dear Ma’am: I am inspired and highly motivated by your article “Stand By Me”.

Guljar Singh

I really appreciate your editorial work (“Stand By Me”) in the most recent edition of 4PsB&M. It makes me change my attitude to what is called passion nad my commitment towards what I am doing. Thank you so much.

Apurva, B.Tech.

I just went through your editorial “Stand By Me”. It is simply an “excellent” write-up, just as your other editorials are, which are published in 4PsB&M. Thanks for the contribution to our knowledge and the motivation.

Sanjay, Patna

“Stand by Me” is such a great article.

Samir Misra

Dear Ma’am, I loved your reference to the John Lennon song “Stand by Me” in your editorial.
The write-up ‘Stand by Me’ is just excellent. The views of John Scully on Microsoft and Apple are too Good.

Samson Pandi

“Seedhi Baath…” is an editorial which says nothing but the truth. I really enjoyed reading it.. It’s totally cool.

Kiran Jose, Kerala

True , the asset valuation of company does take the number of fans in consideration. Liked the your “Like” article so clicked on its “like” button 🙂

Manoj Pillia

Good one , people are now serious about making Fans. Starbucks was first first brand to reach 10 Million Facebook “likes”. Record keepers are love keeping track of facebook counts, Lady Gaga generated 10 million likes way before Obama could do that. Time to get counted. Having said that there are lot of manipluations involved in the whole game, hope Facebook takes note it.

Vikas Sambit

“simply loved the article! you hit on the ‘like’ button being the most effortless yet passionate thing disparate individuals can do so well.
just had to say “i like it!”

sincerely, Amit Kumar Bose

“Hi. I did like the editorial on ‘Like’ topic in the latest issue of 4PsB&M… It is true that social media will play a bigger role in marketing in the near future”

Siva Krishna, Vishakapatnam

“The editorial titled ‘Ihe like button’ was a great article, with conmtemporary examples. It well elaborated the future opportunities presented by social media to be used as a tool to network and market the smallest product.”

Sheetal Surana, Bikaner

“Bleed Blue was an insightful editorial. I wish people take a cue from it so that creativity comes out into the open.”

Prashant Kumar, Meerut

Your editorial titled “BLEED BLUE” reflects well how we are headed towards a new advertising era. Thank you for such lovely thoughts.

Jagdish Nagpure, Agri Business Head, EID Parry MS India

“Bleed Blue” was a very a nice editorial written by you. It was really innovative and it has discussed well the brands and marketing that revolve around cricket. Thank you.
I just read the editorial in 4Ps B&M’s Issue VI Issue 4 titled, “Seedhi baat no bakwaas”. I really enjoyed reading the write-up.

Hridaydeep Singh, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The editorial published in the March issue which read “Seedhi baat no bakwaas”, was very interesting. It presented before us the true power of words. It was indeed a great topic to write on.

Gaurav Tiwari

Firstly, I must say that there are very exciting elements in 4PsB&M magazine. There is also much in the name of information in the magazine. Especially so, the article titled, “Bleed blue” was an amazing amalgamation of many items.

Priya Priyadarshini, Orissa

Dear Ma’am, your articles indeed present reality before its readers. The last article one titled, “East is the new West”, was awesome. Really, the huge consumer potential of India have lured many international brands and business giants.


Hi. “Seedi baat no bakwas” article was amazing. The Chief Consulting Editor has proven how important it is to have a good control over words. And such a quality is the quality of a leader. Hats off.

Sunny Mehta

Seedhi baat no bakwaas was a very good and informative article on ads

Siva Krishna

This is with reference to the editorial in Vol 6 Issue 5 of 4Ps B&M magazine, titled, “East is the new West”. It was a great editorial.

Arjun Dutta

In your editorial titled, Seedhi baat no bakwaas, the use of examples was brilliant. This only goes to signify the power of words – no wonder, this article brings back the old yet powerful thought-provoking lines to the reader, that, “pen is mightier than the sword”. I would say, the write-up is truly impeccable. The article is direct and has changed my mind for good. I have learnt to lay more emphasis on words, and that their optimum mix and usage can change one’s life as well as the lives of others.

Ankit Gupta

The best part about 4Ps B&M magazine is the editorial. Thanks.

Gopal Reddy, Alltech, Bangalore

good to hear u mam, but talent even grow old what remains is,the fire beneth u dont let it slow down just burn the world with ur desires and make people follow u

Abhilash Nair

They r d oldest band.. Which didn’t break up… They got a noble prize in one of thr song also…. N I luv d song kite… 4rm d ablum call All that u can’t Leave behind…:) njoy guys…

Siddesh Sougaijam

i think there should be neccecity of two 10 billion because without large investment u can’nt make large profit………..

Sanjay Kumar Patel

Thanks Ma’am for such a nice article….

Shadab Tahseen

A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of GIVING — comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you are GIVING the more you are in a state of GIVING (letgo) , the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.Existence understands only GIVING…….GIVING is the greatest secret.

Mahendra Mehta


Mahendra Mehta

Resolution means totality, commitment, involvement, a quantum leap into … Most of us have not been able to keep up with the New Year’s Resolutions …lets try in this year2011

Mahendra Mehta

A Black day for cricket lovers…where Your talent is Valued with money…where legends like Lara and sourav ganguly who served for so many years got insulted like this 🙁 real shame

Unif Ishtiaq

in terms of business success is measured the rate of return in profit and having best players in team attract more n more investers for the team !! so staking the team with best players may not be success in cricket but it ll be in business:)

Arbaaz Khan
Ganguly sold for 0.00 crores!

Sumesh Nair

if u tlking about business than hiring most experienced people is the best decision ..

Unif Ishtiaq

superstars r the building blocks of a strong team. Jayasuri type player havnt born in india.

Javid Lone

Obviously Super Team! Talent is essential but Passion is ultimate. Also, winning spirit is a must. A single goal should be there in the mind of all the team members. Also, not to forget SACHIN TENDULKAR… probably the best cricketing talent in the world… but are we the best, inevitable cricket team..??

Sandeep Kumar


Akhilesh Singh


Hemank Sharma

Very good article. Thanks for bringing

Mahendra Mehta

well said

Javeed Kawoosa

very true said maam

Gaurav Sabharwal

Requote: Business is Sales with Marketing being a small part of it….try holistic approach in sales and learn from the gurus of the fields the gladiators of the real life not by people who just distribute knowledege off and good old Keller Kotler or Armstrong///

MohammadImran Hakim

holi kab hai ye bata i knw abt u and business both ok so ye bata holi kab hai holi ?aur dar ke aage jeet hai sab.aur thapad se dar nahi lagta sahab pyar aur business se lagta hai ?

Kumar Rahul Vashist

rketing hi hota hai bs tarike alag alag bna rakhe hai

Sunita Verma

Mam i think agar apna kaam niklna hai to ghadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai aur yehi marketing concept hai…

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Emo-kwg WONDERFULL……..!♥

Rajesh Thakur

The West represents the male mind, aggressive intellect. The East represents the female mind, receptive intuition. East and West are not just arbitrary — the division is very very significant and profound. Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun.”

Mahendra Mehta

Dr. Rajita Mam we solute u .U r the best.

Sunidhi Singh

(Feedback on Blogspot)
Mam September 11, 1906: Gandhi begins the non-violent protest movement in South Africa. Before Mahatma Gandhi used non-violent tactics to kick the British out of India, he was working for the British Army stationed in South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi was treated poorly for being a man of color and denied the right to vote by a newly passed South African law. Gandhi first tested his theories of non-violent protest at a September 11, 1906 gathering to protest the treatment of Indians living in South Africa.

Hardyal Kushwaha

its time for the WEST to learn from the MAsters..

Ahamad Faraz

yup its the new west.its still “new” 🙂

Akshaya Ghosh

really its a great statement

Real Cool


Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi


Sudhakar Singh


Himanshu Jain

M motivated.. thanku mam

Sandeep Goel

yes.. very true.. also hard and determined work doesnt guarantee you success.. but it definitely gives you confindence to overcome the obstacles..

Dheeraj Jha

This is a good article.

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this is the gud thot

Hemant Jain


Rajiv Ranjan

I think this is a logically written and a very usufull article on business i have gone though in recent past. Can u suggest something similarly on network marketing business itself in INDIA.if you don’t mind ,you can mail me as i am searching some good post on it for long .

Sankar Chakraborty

The same formula applies to all buesiness formats, whenther it is a branded product or unbranded product. Go ahead.

Sai Sarvotham

Personal touch is also must in marriage 🙂 wht d u say Dr. RAJITA ???????

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

YES it is very true that WORDS – LIVE FOREVER The words are very significant and even only one person could change the world .This word ‘intuition’ is beautiful ,but we are given tuition everywhere, the other word, ‘tuition’; tuition meanssomebody else is giving it to us,That tuition is to repress our intuition. we are given tuition. It means something from the outside being forced upon us, and intuition means something coming from our innermost core. And if we are conscious, then instinct plus awareness is equal to intuition. Then for the first time we have found our words within ourself and now Intuition is our library, our real university, and then we don’t need any scripture, we don’t need any guide, our inner light is enough to lead us to the effective words and those are the words which make an advertisement. Sometimes witty, sometimes crisp, sometimes direct, sometimes funny, never boring ,more memorable.

Mahendra Mehta

Business could be marketing to some extent but to prosper in long run, one has to build good reputation, only marketing won’t help.

Mohit Nimbalkar

Dr. Rajita must hv drank sprite before this statement 😀 😀 😀

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

Dear Dr. Rajita,
Your piece on the Bangladesh Brand Forum blew my mind…thanks for contributing. On a different note, I did pay a visit to IIPM back in 2002 when I was in your city for some work. Look forward to working exchanging views and resources in future.