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I am pursuing a goal to achieve for the last 15 years-2011 was the culmination point & i was very close to success,but by some reasons or other,i fail once again.After going through this engaging & magnificent real life excerpts,i feel that i should try again.

Manaj Banerjee

True stories, highly motivating!


I m not afraid ! thanks ! for such a wonderful article

Anshu Gupta

Great words .Thanks for the whole article.


Courage can make anything possible….



I read your article on bootstrapping which was published in Brand Forum. It was very nice. Loved it! Would like to know more about bootstrap. If you have any other writings please do send me a link

Mir Shahrukh Islam
Co Founder, Singularity

Dear Dr. Rajita,

impressive……i would also like to add it here is…if a retailer wishes to excel out in this new era, it is very important for him or it to find out that “how much lazy a customer is and how much lazy he can become.

Shashank Shekhar

Great article. I would however also love to hear how small sized companies can leverage on the mobile marketing trend to spread the word for their products and services. Or do you think only the giants can make full use of this new trend to scale greater heights?


yes excellent Dr. RAJITA CHAUDHURI,,,thanks for this useful article

Gaffoor Mirza Baig

Dear Dr. Rajita,

Your examples are as always exclusive and motivating Dr. Rajita Maam. Had tried to get admission in your college but failed due to finance issues.
I am from Ahmedabad, working as IT Manager in Dubai but always interested in teaching and development and thus have plans to have an institute of my own in home town for IT.
Would love to hear a success story from the founder and boosters, The Chaudhuris’s, in regards to foundation and success of IIPM.

Hussain Rangwala

Dear Dr. Rajita,

Your subject write up in Bangladesh Brand Forum has given me clear insight feeling to work with our brand. I felt it was really worthwhile for my time reading your write up. Hope to see more write up from you which will give us some glimpse of innovation, brand and marketing.
Good Luck

Md. Rezaul Kabir
Assistant General Manager
Admin & CSR

The article is great madam…but it would be very interesting to have your views of marketing in rural India where www is a big mystery till yet

Aditya Prakash

I am not good in English, but i can understand your article because you write a good article with easy words. Thanks madam.

Dilip Soni
Dr. Rajita Chaudhuri

I am an intern at HSBC bank.This morning I came to office knowing i have nothing to do except for sitting around.I found the copy of branf forum.Your coloum heading ‘Look what a good idea can do” was very inspiring. Me and my frnds started a event managment firm long back. But maintaining all study & business was though job. Your writting gave the boost to follow my dreams again. I have decided to pursue the plans I made when i was in univetsity. In the end from bottom of my heart thank you very much.

Mam September 11, 1906: Gandhi begins the non-violent protest movement in South Africa. Before Mahatma Gandhi used non-violent tactics to kick the British out of India, he was working for the British Army stationed in South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi was treated poorly for being a man of color and denied the right to vote by a newly passed South African law. Gandhi first tested his theories of non-violent protest at a September 11, 1906 gathering to protest the treatment of Indians living in South Africa.

Hardyal Kushwaha

its time for the WEST to learn from the MAsters..

Ahamad Faraz

yup its the new west.its still “new” 🙂

Akshaya Ghosh

really its a great statement

Real Cool


Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi


Sudhakar Singh

Himanshu Jain

M motivated.. thanku mam

Sandeep Goel

yes.. very true.. also hard and determined work doesnt guarantee you success.. but it definitely gives you confindence to overcome the obstacles..

Dheeraj Jha

This is a good article.

Nikhil Sudrik

this is the gud thot

Hemant Jain


Rajiv Ranjan

I think this is a logically written and a very usufull article on business i have gone though in recent past. Can u suggest something similarly on network marketing business itself in INDIA.if you don’t mind ,you can mail me as i am searching some good post on it for long .

Sankar Chakraborty

The same formula applies to all buesiness formats, whenther it is a branded product or unbranded product. Go ahead.

Sai Sarvotham

Personal touch is also must in marriage 🙂 wht d u say Dr. RAJITA ???????

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

YES it is very true that WORDS – LIVE FOREVER The words are very significant and even only one person could change the world .This word ‘intuition’ is beautiful ,but we are given tuition everywhere, the other word, ‘tuition’; tuition meanssomebody else is giving it to us,That tuition is to repress our intuition. we are given tuition. It means something from the outside being forced upon us, and intuition means something coming from our innermost core. And if we are conscious, then instinct plus awareness is equal to intuition. Then for the first time we have found our words within ourself and now Intuition is our library, our real university, and then we don’t need any scripture, we don’t need any guide, our inner light is enough to lead us to the effective words and those are the words which make an advertisement. Sometimes witty, sometimes crisp, sometimes direct, sometimes funny, never boring ,more memorable.

Mahendra Mehta

Business could be marketing to some extent but to prosper in long run, one has to build good reputation, only marketing won’t help.

Mohit Nimbalkar

Dr. Rajita must hv drank sprite before this statement 😀 😀 😀

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

The CEO is a good mechanism, but not a good master. It can serve you if you are the master and the CEO is the servant. But if the servant becomes the master and starts ruling over you, that is the state of insanity, can ruin even a great empire… What is CEO? It is all borrowed, and borrowed from different sources – from the his past experiences , from the other organizations , from the scholars , from the computer , from the libraries. Sometime even depends on his peons by sitting in glass showcases , His hunger is insatiable; it goes on swallowing all kinds of information. That information may be contradictory and impractical . The CEO all decisions should be on seen basis not on hearing basis .Who’s next? Is not the question ,Question is what practical source he is using with his organization to continue to prosper

Mahendra Mehta

CEO OR CIO OR CFO…THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR..u have to tak ur own initiatives !!

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

wow!!!!!! more than awesome

Anoop Luthra

YES IT IS TRUE …KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CULTURAL NUANCES AND ETIQUETTES GOES A LONG WAY IN ENSURING THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS Because all the cultures,the BUSINESS exists for the individual, the nation exists for the individual.For example:If you need a Host for your business and if you are Keeping only Politicians, then failure is sure to come,because some business need Butchers only and, some professions needs Surgeons only.

Mahendra Mehta

adaptability has been an oldest theory fr survival which is nw the mantra in mrktng………..

Monika Gupta

soory but i don`t belive in this i means by fittest is the product quality, quality stands always,but markting vanished in just somtime when turth comes over, “This survival of the fittest, implies multiplication of the fittest.”

Arpan Kushwaha

like this

Pradip Kumar

business teach us to sell product but unfortunately most of the business mens and womens sell themselves in the process of selling products.

Ashok Savalgimath

Well Dr. Rajita !!
Steve jobs is cetainly a game changer on tech world, whatever he do world watch. and now the expectations are high and will surely wait what’s in his mind to fight with Android… Lots of excitement expected, and Shareprice on Nasdaq will defenetly go on uptrend…

Vishi Sutrakar

nice blog mam…..

Prakash Raj

Modern consumerism is more sensible on customization.Prioritization of the customers has become the cardinal point of interest; that is the value added service with the product. Self entity idolization that injects more value to them. That is the subtle marketing technique to win the heart.

Debojyoti Pal

Shahrukh’s baby (KKR), Is basically more focused on branding and marketing instead of real cricket. They launch campaign for cheer leader’s, coach and all sideline activities. Shahrukh must understand that this nation is a cricket crazy nation, and if he really want to give a big boost for brand KKR he must incourage the true cricket in KKR. avoid controversies and focus on game.

Vishi Sutrakar

very rare case success is behind best players, for e.g. take the case of KKR in IPL

Avinash Denge

Well, The business is marketing. The headline is impressive. I can say success of any team can not be guaranteed by best players. It is depend how much every player contributing on team sprit. Well this was proven in the IPL1, when the team RR won the title without so many best players and the team KKR defeated instead of having best players on its radar.
Dr. Rajita !! your article is good as you not include the failure of Ganguly to not get sold in auction.

Vishi Sutrakar

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.I love the humanity… to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.

Mahendra Mehta

kk…. mamm i promise to follow ur words

Prakash Raj

Kashyap okm maam…………..we don’t……………..

Kapil Singh

i promise….!

Sravan Kumar

Comparing parenting of kids` stages and that of marketing stages is really nice.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

After a long time good to see your article again….everchanging face of marketing gimmick that requires always an up to date awareness for the experts……thanks for the article…

Debojyoti Pal

Dr. Rajita, its really good to see your new year resolution and impressive as well. I made one upword sentence for my new year resolution ; Think –> Dare –> and ACHIEVE in this year.
Happy and a rocking new year to you.

Vishi Sutrakar

all about public relationship….by sales man…

Munna Kumar

I don`t believe Exactly this , I my opinion business is all about Service. How good you service , which customer get easily and Without any Mistake or defect , or he can easily move on to others……..

Arpan Kushwaha

iam a big fan of this marketing god…………!

Sravan Kumar

very nice !!!!!!!!

Promil Mitra

‎…yes ma’am…very true…you explained this idea to us in the class……very popular in u.s. and truly a good plan… can expand such a strategy and it can flourish well….:)

Sherry Arora

U r a great prensenter of things with ease.Your blog posts is a treasure to me.Thank u.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

Evolution, impaired with technology and imagination sketches new portrait of business model…..the Moses before the Jews needs to be omniscient about present to introspect about the future……..That may be any of us………..Nice article…..Thanks…….

Debojyoti Pal

Your style of presentation is marvellous.I appreciate your knowledge from Enstien to Facebook, is fatastic.You are energetic and positive in the outlook of things.Wish you good luck for more aticles to get from you.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

Hi ma’am nice article.

Pramod Lolage

hiiiii mam nice article.

Saurabh Goyal

looks so nice….

Vijay Ahlawat

WoW! That was a lovely trip. Just as simple as ur smile…

Aftab Khan

Only few can make the readers to visualize thier works…..Im the great Fan of yours…After reading your Article The Power of One.

Saravanan Vaithi

Simplest things how it wil work, u told in simplest manner, thanku ma’am

Praveen Kadarakoppa

A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of GIVING — comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you are GIVING the more you are in a state of GIVING (letgo) , the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.Existence understands only GIVING…….GIVING is the greatest secret.

Mahendra Mehta

I m student of iipm del.. Business is nt marketing rather marketing is a part of business..if u analyse the word marketing it means place for trade of commodities (economics) and for a layman it means a place where sellers and buyers meet..i disagree wd both the concepts because acc. To me online shopping contradicts wd both of them as no place is req… business in broader sense has four pillars finance..manpower..operations..and trading (marketin)..without is marketing is a part of business and nt the complete business process..forgive me if i sound diff..
God bless u.

Amir Bhat

dear mam,
your story is throwing light on the future macro economic perpective.can u also throw light specificly on new emerging entreprenurial trends or the perspective business options with focus on these tier two and tier three economic centres. ur such move will provide direction to me and other person who are residing in small towns n dreaming to become modern millonaire.thnks

Abhishek Saadhak

My Dear, Dr. Rajita, as you are fully aware, many, many years ago India was the business hub of the world, untill, through our misfortune, we became poor, however, my point is, how ever we develope our business ideas and increase our wealth, how are we going to prevent it from being taken away from us, or stop our people giving it to our competitors..?

Tazy Choudhry

The more you cling to money, the poorer the world becomes because of your clinging you loose your Royalness, because money is multiplied if it is always moving from one hand to another hand. In English we have another name for money which is more significant — it is “currency.” That simply indicates that money should always remain moving like a current. It should always be on the move from one hand to another hand. The more it moves the better.There are many kinds of Richness, and the man who is rich because of money is the lowest as far as the categories of richness are concerned. Let me say it in this way: the man of wealth is the poorest rich man but not Royal man.We have been distracted into unnatural motivations: money, prestige, power.Fame comes easier if you are destructive.The very ambition for money is going to destroy your…Royalness A man who is after money will become destructive, because money has to be robbed, exploited; it has to be taken away from many people, only then can you have it. Power simply means you have to make many people impotent, you have to destroy them — only then will you be powerful, can you be powerful.

Mahendra Mehta

It is True That your next billion consumers will not come from the biggies, but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was has infinite possibilities

Mahendra Mehta

‎@mahendra mehta i agree what u said but at the end when u said ” but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was has infinite possibilities” r u sure that small towns r growing????

Meeth Parikh

‎@MEETH, I am pretty sure, you could find out… I have lived in dozens of representative small towns and I have seen the world. …. growing

Mahendra Mehta

You can say yes to anything you want — and, more importantly, no to anything that sounds too good to be true. Your willpower is legendary, but when it’s backed up by energy like this, you’re unstoppable!

Shiv Saggu

is it really that easy mam ?? i guess to not know something is a sin in present time. Isn’t it ???

Abhishek Mishra

mam i m regular reader of ur article n i love it new mrktng strategie amazing it helped me a lot while my gd n interviews thnx mam……… 🙂

Monika Gupta

mam i also do read ur articles it is very much helpful.

Nand Kishore

hi mam …. i m also fond of ur articles

Shveta Sharma

mam, those who change the rules, surely they will rule the game…………….

Prashant Kumar

Mam my father even read the article and said business is all about “change”

Ankit Maheshwari

thts right…… 🙂

Abhishek Srivastava

because if u fallow all the rules,u lost the fun?????

Rahul Singh

its an awesome article of 4P’s I read it

Rohit Singh

it should be..if u follow all the rules,u lose the fun.. and it goes both ways bro i.e vice-versa.

Abhishek Mishra Rahul

Heylo…long time ma’am..gem of a piece bdw.

Kinshuk Jhala

thnx a lot 2 u mam !

Ritesh Anand

Ma’am, I love reading your blogs, they are really interesting & insightful. But I’d suggest you plz change the font style of your blog to one which more easier on the eyes.

Shitij Yadav

mam i have also read ur blog and it was awesome the idea was gr8!!!

Shouray Saggi


Tiya Saha

Ma’am,u taught a real and very funny way to learn marketing.thank you.

Saurabh Shukla

It would be great if you can share some tips on New Business Development and Market Penetration..thnks

Kinshuk Jhala

superb thought angle ma’am… 🙂 🙂

Varun Verma